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Valentine’s Special | Dieting with your Other Half – Does it Work?

Valentine’s Special | Dieting with your Other Half – Does it Work?

We’ve all seen it. That slender person you once knew from school is now in a long-term relationship and fifty pounds heavier. Whilst these two variables aren’t always connected, the comfort and security of being in a good relationship can have a knock-on effect of comfort eating and more relaxed eating habits, with restaurant trips and takeaways becoming a major part of the relationship.

And whilst it’s lovely to be in a long-term relationship, is it ever possible to lose weight whilst still with your partner?

Dieting with your other half – does it work?

Exante Dieting with other half

The fact of the matter is yes, you can be in a relationship and still successfully diet, but there is one really important point which every couple needs to take into account. You’re biologically very different, and this can lead to extremely conflicting requirements.

Men need a certain number of calories more than women and they need them at different times of the day. For instance, women need more calories after a heavy workout as women’s bodies naturally need more fat to function due to their child-bearing nature. If you’re in a relationship and working out together, remember to pack a high protein bar in your bag if you’re a woman so you’re prepared.

Pink makes the boys wink, so choose our Strawberry Jam and yoghurt Bar

Because of the regular need for more body fat, women usually function better when they spread their meals out and snack frequently, whereas men may feel the need for bigger meals throughout the day. Portion size is important here, so if you’re making food for you and your loved one, consider the differences between you two before piling it on your plate. You can both learn more about portion size and how to eat more mindfully when you try one of our Exante diet plans, perfect for stress-free meal planning.

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Exante Turkey Recipe

Following a low-calorie diet is tough for anybody and is super hard for couples. The days of lounging on the sofa sharing a bowl of fatty popcorn might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up sharing snacks. Switch out that big bowl of buttery popcorn for fresh lightly salted popcorn made on the hob, or try our delicious Joe & Seph’s Protein Popcorn for a healthy treat. You’ll get the same level of enjoyment, along with fewer calories, extra fibre and less fat. Winner!

Once you pop, you won’t be able to stop (but, good news…it’s healthy)

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