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Exante Slimmer of the Month has it’s First Winner for 2017!

Exante Slimmer of the Month has it’s First Winner for 2017!

Introducing Laura

January’s Slimmer of the Month
Laura January Slimmer of the Month

With the help of Exante Total Solution Laura from Glasgow has gone on to lose over 4st and a fabulous 5 dress sizes!

Laura’s Slim-Down Stats!

  • Start weight: 15st 13lbs
  • Current weight: 11st 2lbs
  • Start clothing size | 18-20
  • Current clothing size: 12

We caught up with Laura to find out a little bit more about her Exante journey!


You have an incredible transformation, what was it that sparked you to start your Exante journey?

All through my life I have been overweight, for as long as  I can remember I’ve always been bigger and so being overweight was just who I am, however when I lost my mum, I put on a lot of weight following and it wasn’t until the doctor weighed me and said very bluntly that I was obese with high blood pressure that I knew something had to change. I felt embarrassed stood on them scales at the doctors and I vowed to never feel that way again…and I haven’t!

How did you find your Exante journey?

Losing weight with Exante is easy and effective, there’s no complicated rules, measurements or time-consuming meal prep. Total Solution freed me to lose the weight simply, I just used three products daily and I saw the weight fall off me! You do have to want it though, you have to be committed enough to stick to the plan as temptation is there, it will always be there though so you have to be focussed on the goal and I did and kept on track as its so motivating to see the numbers go down on the scale each week!

Did you find it easy to fit Exante into your lifestyle?

Exante is so easy to follow, and the variety of products available mean that you are able to choose products for your lifestyle so for me I would have the Exante porridge for breakfast as it filled me up and I grew up eating porridge for breakfast so I wanted to get back into that habit. I also chose bars for lunch as they were convenient. I loved the fact that the time I was spending on thinking about food and thinking about food was cut down and I focussed on my life and myself… Plus its nice bonus to see that there was less washing up to do too!

What was your favourite product?

I loved the Exante Chocolate Orange Bar, this was my favourite it was filling and crunchy and tasted like terry’s chocolate orange… but it wasn’t terry’s it was all mine! The porridge I also loved as it was filling and there’ are so many different flavours I never got bored at breakfast time!

How has your life changed since losing weight?

It’s the confidence that I am so grateful for Exante for giving me back. I have regained confidence in myself and my abilities. My improved confidence even led me to speaking to my wonderful partner, before Exante I wouldn’t have dreamed of speaking to him as I would have been too shy but I am so happy that I did. I now feel I now have a wonderful partner who I wouldn’t have had the courage to speak to before. I love that now because of Exante I “fit in” i’m not the fat one, I am just able to be me and let my personality to shine. I have some weight to lose to hit my goal but with Exante I know I can get there.

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