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Introducing | Laksa & Tom Yum, Our Asian Inspired Soups

Introducing | Laksa & Tom Yum, Our Asian Inspired Soups

Take your senses to far away places! Introducing Laksa and Tom Yum, our two NEW Asian-Inspired soups!  

Our Exante Laksa and Tom Yum meal replacement soups can be enjoyed both at lunch or as an Asian-inspired dinner. As a meal replacement, these are a convenient and easy way to take in the vital nutrients you need, whilst helping you maintain your weight loss.

Inspired by popular Asian lunch chains like Wagamama, Yo Sushi, Itsu and Tampopo – who offer the same flavours with surprisingly high calories (a Tampopo Laksa is around 600 calories) our latest soup launch gives you flavours from afar with half the calories!

Explore Malaysia | Exante Laksa Soup

Exante Laksa Soup

Inspired by the mix of Malay and Chinese people and Nonya cooking, our NEW epic Exante Laksa Soup packs loads of Asian tastes from spices such as cumin, star anise, paprika and chilli and the natural Asian flavour of lemongrass.

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Explore Thailand | Exante Tom Yum Soup

Exante Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum is one of the most famous of all Thai foods. It’s a balancing act of bold flavours brought together in harmony. Our NEW healthy, low-calorie Exante Tom Yum Soup version is big and bold with Asian flavours such as lime, ginger, soy and coriander.

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Cooking Instructions

Mix sachet with 200ml of warm water, preferably with a whisk or blender. It is important that products are used as directed and that you maintain an adequate daily fluid intake. For best results add 20 minutes of exercise daily.

Why try our Meal Replacement Asian Soups?

Exante Asian Inspired Soups

Our Exante Asian Soups can be used as part of our Total Solution as part of your three products a day, or as part of our Flexi Solution to complement a calorie-controlled flexible diet.

All our meal replacement soups are hearty, high in protein, low-carb and vitamin-rich, proving to be a perfect solution for healthy weight loss. Convenient and easy to store, our soups are great for quick weight loss. Light yet full of flavour, our

Light yet full of flavour, our low-calorie soups are some of the best protein slimming soups for starting your weight loss journey. So easy to prepare and full of the good stuff, you’ll be losing weight in no time.

Best of all, our soups are enriched with over 22 vitamins and minerals and are high in fibre. If following our Total Solution, eating three Exante Diet products a day will provide you with 100% of your EU Recommended Intake (RI) for vitamins and minerals.


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