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Shrove Tuesday Special | Exante Pancake Challenge

Shrove Tuesday Special | Exante Pancake Challenge

Happy Pancake Day!

Exante Pancake Day

Being our favourite, we’ve had this day circled in our calendar for weeks, but it really crêped up on us!

Historically, Shrove Tuesday is the final day to indulge before giving up the goodies for Lent; so you might be forgiven for thinking that on a diet, this sweet treat is firmly off the menu.

Here at Exante, we’ve developed a range of delicious, healthy and totally scrumptious pancakes you’ll flipping love. From Maple Syrup flavour to Blueberry and Raspberry, all of our pancakes are high in protein, low calorie and enriched with 22 vitamins and minerals. Just add water and mix for delcious, fluffy, yummy pancake fun without ruining your diet.

Plus, drizzle with our Exante Zero Sugar Syrups for an extra sweet treat.

A Sweet Competition

Want to WIN a year’s supply of pancakes + Tefal Pans + Sugar-free syrups? Then join our Pancake Challenge over on our social channels!

All you need to do is head over to your own social channels and TAG US in a video of you and your family’s pancake tossing skills! Need inspiration? Head to our Instagram Stories where the team have put their flipping talents to the test!

Do you love our Exante pancakes? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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Lotty Cairns

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