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Super Bowl Special | 5 American Foods We LOVE

Super Bowl Special | 5 American Foods We LOVE

Are you staying up to watch the Super Bowl? Maybe not, but if you LOVE everything American (including food) you’ll know that everything is SUPERSIZED and OTT! In celebration of the Super Bowl, we’re looking at why we love all things American (but not the calories). 

What does the phrase “American food” make you think of?

Waffles drizzled in maple syrup perhaps? Hotdogs doused in mustard? Or the humble Pop-Tart, fresh out of the toaster? If this is your thinking, then chances are you also associate American food with the curse words of “unnatural”, “processed” and “pretty darned unhealthy”.

But what if American foods didn’t have to be unhealthy? What if you could enjoy quintessentially American foods and not pile on the pounds? Sounds ridiculous, but hear us out…

Because we don’t think you need to give up your favourite comfort classics just yet, we’ve compiled our own top 5 American favourites that will satisfy your cravings whenever the time comes!

Top 5 American Foods We Love

Exante American Pancakes

1 | Pancakes

Is there anything more all-American that a stack of super thick and fluffy pancakes, topped with the finest blueberries & maple syrup?

If you’re wondering what makes American-style pancakes so much more decadent than their British compatriots, it’s actually really simple –  just baking powder and buttermilk. Baking powder gives pancakes that extra fluff up and buttermilk, rather than regular milk, helps give your pancakes that neat, smooth-top finish.

Feeling the urge for a mega stack? Try our American-style low-calorie Pancakes for a brekkie that hits the spot!

2 | Peanut Butter

National Peanut Butter Day may have gone, and whilst not hugely known in the UK, it is a major national day in the USA! Creamy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a thick white slice of bread is the general order of the day for most American kids’ lunchboxes, but adults need peanut butter too!

That’s why our Peanut Butter Meal Replacement Bar is more than ideal for satisfying those peanut butter cravings. Lower in calories than straight-up peanut butter from the jar, these bars are one of the easiest ways to get your peanut butter fix without piling on the pounds!

3 | Meatloaf

Meatloaf might sound like a strange concept to some UK patrons, but it’s actually just ground mince baked in the shape of a loaf. It’s absolutely delicious and infused with delicate herbs, making this one of the greatest all-American eats you’ll find.

It may not come as a surprise that finding meatloaf in the UK is super hard to come by, but you can keep it low calorie by making your own. You can even add a delicious American meatloaf to your Flexi Plan by simply substituting ground chicken or turkey for beef, low fat milk for whole milk, and whole wheat bread crumbs instead of white. Yum!

4 | Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thick, gooey chocolate chip cookies with just the right amount of smoothness and crunch – yep, chocolate chip cookies are one of our all-time favourite American snacks. Far superior to the boring sugar cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies, it’s safe to say nothing beats a classic Choc Chip.

Although chocolate chip cookies are commonly heaped in sugar and high in carbs, you can get lower calorie, healthier alternatives by having a quick browse of our site. Chomp down on your choc chip pal without any nasty drawbacks when you try our Meal Replacement Chocolate Chip Cookie! Prefer white chocolate? Try our NEW White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookie.

5 | Popcorn

No Super Bowl is complete without a big bag of popcorn to dig into half time. Whether sweet or savoury, buttered, caramelised or plain, popcorn is the pop-in-the-mouth American treat we absolutely adore.

Instead of high-calorie sugar coated kernels, try our delicious Protein Popcorn which is infused with extra virgin olive oil and savoury sea salt – tastes just like the bad stuff, but full of the good stuff 😉

If you are planning on staying up to watch the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons make it a healthy one! P.S. it starts at 11:30pm GMT tonight!

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