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Valentine’s Special | 4 Ways to #LoveYourself More + Bundle

Valentine’s Special | 4 Ways to #LoveYourself More + Bundle

This Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating reasons to more.  

When we’re in love, we focus all our love and attention on that special person and when we’re single, we’re so focused on trying to find someone to love us that we forget to love ourselves a little more first.

Because we need a little more self-love, here’s our 4 top tips to #Loveyourself…

#Loveyourself Tip 1 | Surround yourself with things you love

There’s no better way to get more self-love back into your life than surrounding yourself with things you love. It could be bunches of flowers throughout your home, creating a mini library of books you love, buying new Spring cushions and throws, or even changing up your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Whatever you love, do it for you.

Exante Valentine Tips

#Loveyourself Tip 2 | Write down something positive about yourself every day

We always seem to identify the negatives in our lives and in ourselves. I look fat, my lips could be bigger, I hate my thighs, are just a tiny number of negative comments we say to ourselves (unfortunately) every day. This trap of self-loathing can be addictive but in the long term can be seriously harmful for our mental wellbeing. Instead, let’s start celebrating why we’re unique by writing just one positive thing every day. By the end of the month, you’ll have at least 28-31 fabulous reasons to #Loveyourself that you can look back on.

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#Loveyourself Tip 3 | Take care of your mind, body and soul

Feeling good on the outside begins with feeling good on the instead – that includes your mind. According to research, negative emotions narrows your mind and your brain closes off from the outside world to focus on fear, anger, and stress – leading you into a tunnel of negativity.

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#Loveyourself Tip 4 | Stop picking yourself apart in the mirror

This is probably the most important tip when it comes to losing weight and body positivity! When we’re on a diet we tend to look at ourselves differently and negatively in the mirror picking holes at every part of our bodies. Try restricting the amount of time you’re looking in the mirror (especially naked) every day. Instead, get changed go up to the mirror, blow yourself a kiss and walk out the door with confidence that you’re special and beautiful.

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Treat yourself you deserve it | Valentine’s Exclusive Bundle

Exante Valentine Bundle

This Valentines it’s time to treat yourself to a BIG bundle of love. We’ve picked a mix of our best-loved Meal Replacement Shakes, including Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Honeycomb, along with the irresistible Strawberry Jam Bars, and our satisfying Gooey Chocolate Puddings. For an extra bit of love, we’ve added Sweet Virtues Chocolates and a £5 Look Fantastic Voucher – so you can treat yourself to something really special. Happy Valentines!

Your Valentine’s Day Bundle contains:-

  • 1 x £5 Look Fantastic Voucher*
  • 1 x Sweet Virtues Superfood Chocolate Halos
  • 7 x Gooey Chocolate Puddings
  • 7 x Strawberry Jam & Yogurt Bars
  • 10 x Chocolate Shakes
  • 10 x Strawberry Shakes
  • 10 x Vanilla Shakes
  • 10 x Honeycomb Shakes

*The Voucher will be emailed to you 48 hours after purchase.

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