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The Digital Detox that won’t drive you crazy

The Digital Detox that won’t drive you crazy

For many, putting down the mobile phone, tucking away the iPad and signing out of Facebook may sound like absolute sacrilege. How is it possible to a) want to disconnect from our online world and b) actually go ahead and unplug?

Well, the truth is it’s pretty easy, and best of all digital detoxes help reduce anxiety and paranoia, whilst also enhancing your sense of calm. You also get so many more opportunities to soak up the world around you and fully embrace your surroundings when you’re unplugged and away from your devices.

So, how can you do a digital detox and not go nuts? Take a look at our top 3 easy ways to do a digital detox this year.

Top 3 Ways to Digitally Detox

Practice Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is so often associated with activities like yoga, tai-chi and meditation, but mindfulness doesn’t stop there – which is good news for those who hate all of the above!

You can practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life, doing the same things you’ve always done. All it takes to practice mindfulness is to take half an hour a day to notice the ‘sensation of things’, this could include things like taking into account the environment around you on your commute to work, fully appreciating every mouthful of food that passes your lips, etc. rather than getting distracted and instinctively wrapping your thumbs around your prized device.

Get Moving

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Go to the gym and you might see people on the bike, browsing their Whatsapp, whilst others are jogging lightly whilst fixated on their iPad. But as is commonly known, doing exercise is one of the best things for increasing positive moods and revitalising your focus, so why ruin it by distracting yourself with devices?

Top up your mental wellbeing along with your physical wellbeing by digital detoxing – unplugging, cutting out the iPads, iPhones and the like. You’ll be fully engaged with your body as you work up a sweat, along with fully appreciating the tunes blasting in your ear drums.

Head to our exercise blogs where you’ll find great workouts and tips to get back into exercise.

Become Crafty

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Once you’re used to being constantly plugged in, you’ll soon realise that without your devices your hands need a buddy. This is when you can get crafty!

If you feel like you need your device in your downtime at home, rather than reaching for your phone, instead get your thumbs twiddling with some knitting, dabble in some water painting or get up and do that DIY you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Not only will you not be controlled by your phone for entertainment, but you’ll also get your artistic juices flowing in the process!

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Lotty Cairns

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