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The Greatest Health Benefits of Supergrains

The Greatest Health Benefits of Supergrains

Supergrains and, more specifically, ‘superfoods’ were the hottest health food group of 2016. Grains no-one had ever heard of such as quinoa, teff, freekeh and buckwheat became all the range seemingly overnight, and for good reason too!

Packed full of heart-healthy nutrients, supergrains are minimally processed and, because of this, are dense with vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, magnesium, zinc (the list goes on). Consuming more supergrains can also help with fighting niggling ailments like cramps, weak bones, and muscle tension.

Best of all, supergrains can be worked into meals you already eat like hot cereal and porridge, to give you the extra nutrients your body needs to get the day started. You can also use supergrains as a healthy substitute for starchy foods like mashed potato, rice, and bread, which is particularly perfect for those living a gluten-free lifestyle, or for those who wish to cut down on their wheat and corn-based foods.

If 2016 hasn’t already given you enough superfood for thought (see what we did there?), take a look below at some of the amazing health benefits of supergrains so you can get to know your ancient grains a little better in 2017!

Top Health Benefits of Supergrains

Exante Supergrains

High in protein

Superfoods are awesome for packing in lots of protein, keeping you fuller for longer. Most grains have up to 40% more protein than regular wheat, which is particularly great for people leading a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and those who hate the wheat-belly bloat.

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Full of resistant starch

Not all starch is bad starch. Resistant starch can help regulate blood sugar and can help with weight loss. Supergrains have extremely high levels of resistant starch, with some grains containing up to 40% of resistant starch, ideal for helping you on your healthy weight loss journey!

They can ease daily ailments

Everyday ailments such as headaches, muscle tension, cramps, and general aches and pains can be eased by consuming more supergrains. Millet in particular is great for this given its high levels of magnesium and B vitamins which help with controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.

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They can fight inflammation

It’s common knowledge that omega 3 helps the body fight inflammation, but you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to eat the entire world’s fish to get lots of omega 3 in your diet. Supergrains contain lots of fatty acids (the healthy kind) which can help with reducing bloat, redness and hypertension in the limbs.

Rich in vitamin D

You may have heard on today’s news that we’re a nation-low in essential vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin D! Research says this essential sunshine vitamin is so important for calcium absorption and bone growth, as well as fighting off colds and flus.

So, how do we get more vitamin D? Superfoods like eggs and salmon and grains such as oatmeal and quinoa are a great natural source to get your vitamin D as well as some of the most important nutrients!

Another argument (published in the British Medical Journal) is that food products should now be fortified with vitamin D, so we get the requirement daily amount into our diet.

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