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Your VLCD Questions Answered: Adding Milk To Your Tea

Your VLCD Questions Answered: Adding Milk To Your Tea

A lot of people have asked us recently whether or not you can add milk to your tea when following a VLCD diet. We all know that drinking tea could help you lose weight: but can these effects be cancelled out if you add milk? Milk contains lactose, which is sugar that converts into glucose in the bloodstream – the same as any carbohydrate – making it a diet dilemma. It’s no wonder that many of you following the Exante VLCD Diet Plan, watching your carbs, are questioning if you can add milk to your cuppa. Here’s your question, answered…

Your Diet Dilemma

I’m Following Exante VLCD, Can I Add Milk To My Tea?

Our Answer

Yes, In Moderation. A VLCD Diet Is A ‘Low Carb Diet’ Not A ‘No Carb Diet’

Milk contains a few carbs per splash, but, as we all should know, it’s very important to have a little carbohydrate in your diet! Now, we don’t recommend that you drink lots of milky teas, but one cuppa a day with a small splash of milk can be included in the plan. Remember to add these calories into a tracker to stay within your daily limit. There are so many kinds of milk that you could add to your tea – all containing varying quantities of lactose and calories.

What’s The Best Milk To Choose?

Skimmed Milk

For cow’s milk, skimmed contains the least amount of calories and fat per 200ml, but contains 10 grams of carbs (sugars).

Skimmed Milk Nutrition

Semi-Skimmed Milk

The most popular choice in the UK, semi-skimmed contains 10 grams of carbs per 200ml (the same as skimmed milk) but is higher in fat and calories!

Semi Skimmed Milk Nutrition

Full-Fat Milk

Regarded as ‘better for us’, recent studies suggest that we should be ditching semi-skimmed for a more calcium-packed pint of full-fat milk! With only 28 more calories per 200ml than semi-skimmed and slightly fewer carbs, this switch may be for you!

Whole Milk Nutrition

Unsweetened Almond

This milk alternative has a pure roasted almond taste, is 100% plant-based, naturally lactose-free, dairy-free, suitable for vegans, low in fat and calories, packed with calcium and vitamins B2, B12, D. Per 200ml this plant-based milk is ONLY 26 calories, 2 grams of fat, and zero carbs!

Almond Milk Nutrition

Soya Light

Soya milk has massively grown in popularity due to its very low calorie and carb content, plus unique versatility! It has a sweet taste, but is low in sugars, lactose-free, gluten-free, and low in saturated fat! Soya Light contains only 44 calories, 1.2 grams of fat, and no carbs per 200ml.

Soya Milk Nutrition

If you are worried about the carb content of milk kicking you out of ketosis, we recommend the amazing green leaf teas from T+ Drinks… With a range of amazing flavours, there’s no need to add milk, simply enjoy the goodness – carb free! Check out our range of detoxifying flavours…

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