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The Smoothie Bowl – Friend or Foe?

The Smoothie Bowl – Friend or Foe?

It’s a simple concept, but the ‘smoothie bowl’ has become a very trendy thing on social for health and fitness bloggers.

They come in all sorts of colours from green to red and everything in between, topped with elegantly chopped fruits and carefully placed seeds. The smoothie bowl may end up looking like a work of art, but is it really healthy for you? We take a look…

The Smoothie Bowl – Friend or Foe?

Exante Smoothie Bowl

Yes, you get your ’10 a day’ in one

Smoothie bowls are great if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want (or like) eating whole fruits throughout the day. The beauty is you can blend lots of fruits into a think smoothie and then top with anything you like.

TA-DA you’re getting in your ’10 a day’ as recommended in yesterday’s news!

You’ll get great benefits from increasing your fruit intake through smoothie bowls, but just watch what kinds of fruits you’re adding.

No, essentially is a big bowl of fruit sugar

If you blend lots of fruits, add granola and MORE fruit you’re adding a whole load of carbs and sugars. Each fruit can contain a surprising amount of sugar called fructose, which turns into glucose. Adding all these fruits and stripping back the fibre can really have an impact if you’re a huge fan of making these pretty bowls.

A large-sized smoothie could contain over 130 grams of sugar.

If you do love a smoothie bowl, we recommend blending one of our low sugar Exante Smoothies or Shakes with ice, and topping with low sugar options like nuts (almonds are perfect) and seeds.

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