3 Ways to Boost your Karma Today

3 Ways to Boost your Karma Today

It’s nearing the end of February, the weather has been a mix of dreary, cold and boring and everyone is feeling the brunt of it. Commuting has turned into an enduringly long, slow and silent process of avoiding eye contact and everyone you meet is in their own little unapproachable bubble.

But what if you didn’t need to feel so downbeat in your daily life? What if you could feel optimistic, powerful, positive, confident and full of hope for now and the future?

We think everyone can make a more positive change for themselves and those around them just by boosting their karma on a daily basis, and it doesn’t have to be major changes either. Start small and go bigger every day. Karma is something that everyone deserves, so make sure yours is in tip-top condition!

Top 3 Ways To Boost Your Karma Today

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Sign up to volunteer

Volunteering is amazing if you love the feeling of helping others in need. You can volunteer for a whole host of activities, from working regularly in a charity shop, helping at weekends at your local RSPCA, or even venturing abroad to places like Asia for an amazing life changing experience! You’ll get to explore, make friends and help people at the same time. The possibilities really are endless, and all it takes is a quick phone call or sign up. Good karma? You’re all over it!

Do one good deed, on purpose

Thinking about others and being compassionate is one of the greatest attributes human beings encapsulate and it’s something a lot of us neglect in favour of selfish activities. Give yourself some good karma today and do something unexpectedly nice for a stranger today. Help an elderly patron pack their bags at the supermarket, buy a coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks, help a straggler whose car has broken down, the choices are vast and varied!

Pass those positive vibes around and your good karma will shoot up! What’s more, there’s an official global day for it – Good Deeds Day is celebrated on 2nd April this year which unites people from over 75 countries to do good deeds for others and the planet. Make your karma levels go crazy and pencil this into your diary right now!

Quit the gossip

Gossiping doesn’t benefit anybody and is generally a nasty mechanism used to neglect others in your social circle. Don’t be that person – instead, give yourself a more positive aura by being kind, welcoming and honest. If you think quitting gossiping is tough, try to eradicate any ill thoughts of others by instead thinking of their good qualities which make them super special J

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