5 Instant Confidence Boosters For Your Christmas Party

5 Instant Confidence Boosters For Your Christmas Party

It’s officially the last week of Christmas party season, and as confidence (and booze) flows for some, for others walking into a room full of strangers is a daunting prospect. The ‘what to wear’ moments, small talk and unfamiliar faces can feel all too much for some. The key is confident thinking.  

If you’re the shy or under confident type who often feels nervous at the thought of going to parties, we’ve got 5 ways you can try to help boost your confidence…


Boost Your Confidence With Statement Pieces

Always go to a party with something you feel confident wearing and shoes you can walk in! A classic black dress is simple and sophisticated and can be paired with a statement necklace, earrings or bag (something people can compliment you on, or start a conversation).


Prepare Topics For Conversation

Look out for topics of conversation online

We all have hobbies and interests, so do your homework pre-party. If you know your work colleague loves reading, have a chat about the latest books to hit the shelves and ask for recommendations, you’ll soon be giggling about the last 50 Shades. Know someone who loves cooking, talk about that latest Buzzfeed video you saw on Instagram!

We also love talking about the latest news or weather so look online news for interesting topics you could bring into the party conversation.

Arrive Early To Make Connections

Arriving at the Christmas party before the crowd means you can start making connections with a small number of guests first. Once the room starts filling up you’ll feel a little overwhelmed if you just walk in late. If there are a few extroverts at the party seek them out – every speaker needs a listener!


Focus On Others

Shyness and anxiety comes from self-consciousness.

Inward thinking causes you think about yourself, which causes shyness and anxious thoughts like ‘how do I look’ and ‘no one is talking to me’. Overcoming shyness isn’t going to happen overnight, but if you start to focus outward on what is going on and people’s conversations your comfort levels will start to increase throughout the night by connecting with people.


Monitor Your Energy Levels & Recognise Hunger Pangs

If there’s no food but a lot of alcohol at the Christmas party, you need to be aware of not getting too hungry and suffering from symptoms such as dizziness, irritability, lack of concentration and nausea – which could all ruin your night.

To prevent party burnout have one of our energy fuelling, low-calorie bars before the party or slip one into your bag just in case! You could choose from our amazing *New* Stollen, Chocolate Orange and more…

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Lotty Cairns

Lotty Cairns

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