Beating cravings while on Exante

Beating cravings while on Exante

When you’re on a diet its very common to have the occasional day when you have a craving that just won’t go away!

In order to know what the best thing to do is, it’s important to know whether this is a physical or a psychological craving for food. So, ask yourself “what do I want to eat right now?” If you’re not too bothered and you just want something to make the craving to go away then the chances are you’re having and physical craving for food. If you are wanting something really specific then the craving is more likely to be psychological.

Physical hunger – what to eat?

If you are having physical hunger and have eaten all your packs for the day then there are a number of things you could have that aren’t going to cause too much damage to your diet!

• Water or another drink – it’s an oldie we know but any chance you could be thirsty rather than hungry?

• Marigold stock – a cup of marigold stock adds just 10 calories and 1g carb

• Make a sugar free jelly with water, drinks mix and mousse mix

• Make Exante Ice lollies with drinks mix and water

• Konjac noodles – wash in warm water, pop into a pan and add some soy sauce, heat through and serve

Psychological hunger – what to do?

This one is tougher. Trying to fill an emotional hole caused by a bad day with food just doesn’t work. In this case its more about distraction as the chances are one small snack will lead to another…..

• Paint your finger/toe nails

• Bubble bath

• Clean your teeth or better still keep your mouth bust with a teeth bleaching kit

• Go do something out of the house like go swimming, walk the dog, take the kids to the park

• If all else fails grab an early night!

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