Supercharge your Shopping Trip

Supercharge your Shopping Trip

One of the biggest hurdles many of us have when it comes to eating right is navigating those dastardly supermarkets to stock up our fridge/freezer and cupboards with all the good stuff!

With offers galore, a maze of aisles and so many trolleys, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of throwing whatever is easiest to grab! Whilst offers are great, they are normally placed on high-sugar and fat items! Grabbing these goodies could have a negative effect on the size of your waistline, all whilst reducing your spend!

As the old saying goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” so it’s important to take as much time into planning your shopping trip. If supermarkets scream stress and stop gap sweetie purchases, then check out our handy hints for supercharging your shop!

Exante Shopping Trip

Dinner time a la carte

If time is of the essence, it may be helpful to get into the routine of making a menu for the week! Get the kids involved by asking them what their favourites are so there are only empty plates! Look at healthy alternatives for your favourite takeaway and try to go meat free one day a week – trust us with all the alternatives out there you wont miss it.

Make sure nothing’s missed with a list!

Menu is ready for the week, now its time to look in the cupboards to see what you need. Guessing will mean you have twice of one thing and not enough of another, so set a clear list will mean you only stick to what you need! This means you’ll have only the good stuff coming home with you – no weight loss sabotagers here!

No Shopping on an empty stomach!

Trailing around a supermarket on a empty stomach will leave you susceptible to popping naughty treats in your trolley! Plan ahead and eat a meal or a light snack before your shop so you are not contending with the food choices of a growling tummy whilst you are making healthy choices for the week!

Be a wallflower

Its well known that the “deeper” into the aisles you go, the more of the pre-packaged goods are and will be laden with sugar and fat! If you remain a wallflower so to speak, you will find an abundance of the good stuff! Spend most of your time in the fresh food aisles and you will glide through the shopping trip!

Resist the impulses!

From BOGOFs to the quick buy treats at the tills,  supermarkets are designed to play on our senses and our cravings to buy impulsively! Keep an Exante Bar to hand and if you do feel a little peckish choose the Bar! We love our Lemon Bar, which is great for on-the-go energy.

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Lotty Cairns

Lotty Cairns

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