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The Meal Replacement Shake Hack you HAVE to try!

The Meal Replacement Shake Hack you HAVE to try!

Milkshakes have been a sugary snack for almost a 100 years now. Available in an abundance of flavours, with a thick creamy texture it is what many of us crave, but more often than not the dairy delight is quite the diet nightmare!


Did you know?

A large strawberry milkshake from a fast food chain can set you back a whopping 490 calories and a sickly 57g of sugar!

That’s over 14 tsp of sugar in one drink! Could you imagine having that in your cup of tea?! Whats more, with such a high sugar content and low protein, likelihood is you are going to get a sugar rush and feel hungry not long after, and surely after over 400 calories you want to feel full, right?

If you are watching your waistline but don’t want to miss out on the dairy deliciousness, you should seriously consider our Blender Bundle, which comes fully loaded with all you need to make dreamy creamy milkshakes with just a fraction of the calories!

You can pick your favourite flavours , with everything from Chocolate Mint to White Chocolate Raspberry, there’s something to satisfy that sweet tooth to yours, plus our shakes are just 200 calories, jam packed full of protein (17g to be precise) so super filling, and they only have 13g of sugar too! Nutritionally balanced and packed full of vital vitamins and minerals, isn’t that music to your ears?

Keep your shake super smooth and on the move with the Breville Blend-Active® . With it’s innovative an individual sized blender design, it gives you perfectly smooth shakes at the touch of a button. Perfect for those busy mornings!

Prefer your milkshake extra thick and creamy? No problem at all with the Breville Blend-Active®. Combine your shake with 150ml of water and a handful of ice cubes and you’ve got yourself a super thick and creamy shake at just 200 calories!


Whether on Total Solution, Flexi Solution or are on the lookout for a healthy meal replacement for when time is of the essence, look no further than the Blender Bundle! For one day only, we’ve got 50 shakes + a blender + a FREE shaker bottle and FREE next day delivery for just £60!

Have you tried any hacks, tips and tricks to make your delicious Exante shakes even tastier? Let us know @ExanteDiet on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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