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Sam Bailey: Weekly Weigh In #1

Sam Bailey: Weekly Weigh In #1

Sam Bailey: Weekly Weigh In #1

Hi guys! It’s me, Sam Bailey again!

Here’s my first weekly update to keep you all in the loop with my Exante Diet weight loss journey. As mentioned in my previous blog on here and over on my Twitter page – I’m doing this not only to shift that niggling baby weight, but losing weight to also feel like the size 10-12 Sam that I used to know, who loved getting glammed up and strutting her stuff confidently, who was full of beans!

So, the weekly weigh in! I can’t begin to tell you how scary this is… I feel better already and I’ve noticed little things like when I’m playing with Miley I don’t have to stop for breaths in between tidying up the toys afterwards. Not to mention the difference I feel day to day at work, on photo shoots or performing. Even on days where I really fancy a pie or some chips, I just think about how great I’m starting to feel and if I feel this good now, just imagine how I’m going to feel when we get to the end result.

Anyway… Here goes nothing!

A video posted by Sam Bailey (@sambaileysinger) on May 13, 2015 at 7:52am PDT

So as you can see, this hard work is paying off!! I’ve lost 8lbs!

Fancy joining in with me on the Sam Bailey diet plan too? You can buy the complete package, handpicked by me, by heading here! It includes all my favourites, like the exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake shake, mmmm!

If you’ve only just discovered my new weight loss journey, you can read more about it all on the Sam Bailey page on the Exante website. You can track your weight loss online with Exante account too, so there’s no excuse for me not to stay on track!

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