How To Follow Exante Diet Plans

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Following one of our Exante Diet plans is so much simpler than other diets. You'll achieve fast weight loss results. There are 5 diet plans; Total Solution,Total Plus Solution, Man Plan, Total Plus Solution, Working Solution and Simple Solution, plus an additional Stabiliser to help you maintain your weight.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Pick your plan according to you goals and your lifestyle.

2. You might then be asked to choose the number of eating occasions you'd like each day. Total and Total Plus solutions give you the choice of 3 x 200 calorie or 4 x 150 calorie Exante Diet products per day. Man Plan, Working and Simple Solution utilise 200 calorie products as these are higher calorie plans.

3. Now you’ve picked your plan and number of packs, it’s time to pick your products.

Whatever you decide, your daily intake of Exante Diet products will give you 100% of your RDAs of vitamins and minerals. You'll also need to drink 2-4 litres of water throughout each day even if you have shakes or soups as it’s important to stay hydrated.

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Very Low Calorie Diets

On Total Solution you’ll only need Exante Diet products. 3 x 200 calorie or 4 x 150 calorie Exante Diet products will give you around 600 calories a day. This plan is a very low calorie diet (VLCD). On Total Plus Solution you’ll have 3 x 200 calorie or 4 x 150 calorie Exante Diet products plus you select up to 100 calories of additional food from a recommended list. This plan provides around 700 calories a day, making it a VLCD too. On the Working and Simple Solutions as well as on the Man Plan, a wider range of food is allowed. This provides you with more calories each day, making these plans low calories diets (LCDs). See all our Diet Plans now.

Low Calorie Diets

The diet plans have been designed so that you can progress from one to the next to ensure you have a controlled increase of calories to help you go back to conventional food without putting weight on. So if you start on the Total or Total Plus Solutions or Man Plan then, once you have reached or are close to reaching your target weight, you may wish to move on to the Working Solution, then Simple Solution and then on to our Stabiliser Programme.

Transitioning Back to Conventional Food

The Stabiliser programme helps you transition back to conventional food and maintain your weight long term. The Stabiliser programme is in two steps, allowing you to decrease your reliance on meal replacement products and increase the amount of conventional food you eat.

Low Calorie Diets

No matter which of our solutions you are following, or if you are stabilising your weight you can use the Exante Recipe section to plan your food. Whether you are on Low Calorie Week , looking to stay in ketosis or just want a low calorie recipe idea, you can find plenty of inspiration in our recipes section.

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