Momenta and Exante Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t access the internet to order products online or my Voucher code does not work?

Contact Momenta’s Support Team – see last page of your Handbook for details. They can help you order over the phone or replace your Voucher code.

My order has not arrived or it has not got what I ordered?

This is a tried and tested process and exante regularly send orders to thousands of customers. However, in the unlikely event you have any queries you should contact exante’s Helpdesk using the information at the bottom of this page, making sure you let them know you’re on the Momenta Diabetes Remission programme.

Are vegan, halal or kosher TDR products available?

Exante has vegan shake options and will introduce more. However, their facilities are not actually registered as halal or kosher at the time of printing ‐ check their website for updates.

Does everyone experience side effects?

No. In studies the most common ones are mild and only experienced by about half the participants. We’ve tried to minimise these by choosing the Exante range (and only selecting specific products within it) and recommending a fibre supplement.

Many Exante products contain artificial sweeteners. Is this a problem?

Some people have health concerns about artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. Diabetes UK have reviewed the evidence relating to artificial sweeteners and still consider them a safe and effective alternative to sugar for people with diabetes. If you want to avoid artificial sweeteners you should check the ingredients list to find sweetener‐free products.

Can I use exante’s eBook?

It’s best to stick with the advice and information given by Momenta while you’re on the DRP. The eBook is intended for a less specific audience.

Should I follow the Exante Type 2 diabetes VLCD diet (exante 800)?

No. This is different and not part of either the Momenta Diabetes Remission Programme or the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme. It does not liaise with your GP practice or give the additional support that most people need to improve their chances of achieving and maintaining remission.

Should I join the exante community?

We do not recommend it for people on Momenta DRP. Instead you’ll be invited to Momenta’s community in due course as all members of Momenta’s community will be on the same journey and we’ll monitor responses to help keep everyone on track.

Momenta and Exante:  How many products do I need and how do I order them? 


Momenta and Exante:  How many products do I need and how do I order them? 

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Momenta and exante

Momenta programme participants should focus only on pages accessible ‘’ (any page with ‘Momenta’ in the URL). The rest of exante’s site is for a broader, less-specific audience and often not relevant, or even confusing, for Momenta participants. Please do not download the app or sign up to the newsletter as messaging and content will be different. Also, please ignore any offers (e.g. free delivery) that pop up or feature at the top of your screen – ALL your products and delivery are free for you if you use your Voucher codes. Finally, if you contact exante’s Helpdesk using the information below then let them know that you are on the Momenta Diabetes Remission programme delivered as part of the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme.



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