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BBC’s Big Crash Diet Experiment: Benefits of The Exante VLCD

BBC’s Big Crash Diet Experiment: Benefits of The Exante VLCD

In case you missed BBC’s ‘The Big Crash Diet Experiment’ last night, here’s a little re-cap. Four overweight volunteers, suffering with a variety of health problems, have been put on a VLCD (very low-calorie diet) to try and improve their health and weight issues. This means giving up food entirely for 9 weeks and having meal replacement soups, shakes and meals instead – no easy feat!

Crash diets have been given a bad reputation in the past but the spotlight is now on VLCDs and numerous research projects are underway to try and remove the negative connotations that surround them.

BBC’s Big Crash Diet Experiment

The Study

The four volunteers followed a total meal replacement diet for 9 weeks which consisted of a combination of meal replacement shakes, soups and meals only. Each volunteer was overweight and either suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes or other health issues.

The Results

All of the volunteers lost over 10% of their body weight and lost between one and a half and three and a half stone! 52-year-old Tracey was previously at as big of a risk of a heart attack as a 75-year-old would be. After the weight loss, Tracey’s risk was lowered to someone of the age of 57.

In addition, one of the male volunteers suffering from diabetes prior to losing weight found that after the 9 weeks on the total meal replacement diet, he had put his diabetes into remission.

The results showed incredible transformations and amazing health benefits and there are more and more studies are showing similar results. Find out more about another recent study on very low-calorie diets and reversing type 2 diabetes.

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Could a Very Low Calorie Diet Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

A recent study has demonstrated that type 2 diabetes could be reversed through the use of a very low-calorie diet.

2018-04-02 11:00:04By Sophie Seddon

The Benefits of Exante’s VLCD

Exante offers a range of total meal replacement products. These can be used as a total meal replacement plan, as part of a flexible healthy-eating plan or as part of a fasting diet, also known as the 5:2 diet.

All of our meal replacement products are:

  • High in protein
  • Contain 27 vitamins & minerals
  • 1/3 of your NRV (Nutrient Reference Values), which means if you have 3 products per-day, you will consume 100% of your recommended daily allowance of all nutrients
  • High in fibre
  • 200 calories

Because of the unique vitamin blend that all of our meal replacement products, they qualify as a total meal replacement. This means that without consuming any food, your body is receiving all of the necessary nutrients it requires.

Hear what our current customers have to say about Exante’s meal replacement products and plans.

Read all of our customer reviews

Exante VLCD vs Other Weight Loss Plans

Because of the positive results that very low-calorie diets are seeing lately, there are a number of diet brands that are looking to provide a solution to people’s health and weight problems. We’ve taken a look into some of the other low-calorie diets on the market against the Exante diet.

The Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge diet provides a range of meal replacement products that is much more limited than our Exante range. With Exante you can select from over 65 meal replacement products, vs less than 40 with the Cambridge weight loss plan. In addition, you can purchase immediately online with Exante, as opposed to having to go through a consultant. And, if that hasn’t sold you enough, we are almost half the price!

Find out more about Exante Diet Vs Cambridge Diet. 


While Slimfast provides a wide range of meal replacement products, they are not actually of a total meal replacement specification. This means that each shake still contains vitamins and minerals (just 23 vs our 27!) and are a good source of protein and fibre, they don’t qualify as a third of your NRV. Therefore they do not offer a total meal replacement solution like Exante does.

Read more about SlimFast Vs Exante Diet. 

Diet Now

Exante’s aim is to provide you with a simple and convenient solution to losing weight. We know it’s already a tough challenge, so we look to do all we can to make it a little easier for you. Exante offers Sunday delivery, live support and ships to over 60 countries. Diet Now don’t offer either live support or Sunday delivery and their shipping ability is far more limited. Plus our much larger product range gives you more flexibility in choosing meal replacement products that can help you stay on track.

Discover more about Exante Vs Diet Now.

Lighter Life

Exante offers an affordable solution to losing weight quickly and safely. Similarly to Exante, Lighter Life offer 4-week plans, but they come at more than double the price. Plus, our wider product range allows for more choice and flexibility when following our plans and there are no mandatory group meetings that often put people off when starting a new diet.

Find out more about Lighter Life Vs Exante.


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