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Ketosis Facts and Myths

Ketosis can be an incredibly effective way to kick-start major weight loss, read on for our ultimate Exante guide.

Ketosis Facts

  • Ketone bodies are a by-product of the body burning fat stores for energy rather than glucose, think of them as exhaust fumes from when fuel is burned.
  • Ketosis occurs when insufficient amounts of glucose are consumed to meet the bodies needs and it turns to burning fat to make up for any deficit.
  • You can test for ketones using strips you dip in your urine. These are available from chemists or online
  • Some people go into ketosis quite quickly, after a day or so of carbohydrate restriction. For others 4-5 days is typical.
  • The shift into ketosis can mean some mild temporary side effects for some people such as a headache, this passes after a couple of days.
  • You’ll know you’re in ketosis if you have a positive ketone test, people often comment on other signs such as a funny taste in your mouth and a reduced sense of hunger.
  • There is some scientific evidence that citric acid may affect ketosis in some individuals. This is why we ask customers to avoid things like diet coke which contain it in order to get optimum results while following a very low-calorie diet (VLCD).

Ketosis Myths

  • ‘Ketosis is dangerous’. This is not true. Ketosis is a normal adaptive metabolic state where levels of ketones stay relatively low and are tightly controlled
  • ‘Ketosis is the same as ketoacidosis.’ No these are very different. This type of diet leads to a mild dietary ketosis. Ketoacidosis is a serious condition which can be found in uncontrolled diabetics, alcoholics and those suffering from severe starvation. In ketosis levels stay tightly controlled whereas in ketoacidosis they rise in an uncontrolled fashion to dangerous levels.
  • ‘There’s a magic number when it comes to carb levels for ketosis’. Afraid not. Some people are more sensitive than others to carbohydrate and need lower amounts to have detectable ketones. Other people will have detectable ketones as 80g of carbs per day or more.
  • ‘The darker the ketone stick the better’. Untrue. A very dark result means you are probably dehydrated which isn’t a good thing. You will still be getting all the benefits of ketosis if your stick is lighter in colour and you’re less likely to be constipated.

If you’ve heard any anecdotes about ketosis and you want to know if they are facts of myths, let us know @exantediet

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