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Top Tips for Adding more Variety to Meal Replacements

Our customers love the Exante Total Solution plan because they don’t have to count calories or worry about what they put in their mouth. Our Meal Replacement Range provides structure and boundaries, which helps move away from the snacks and takeaway foods that are full of calories.

We know that this can test your determination, but there are ways to get more out of your Exante Meal Replacements with subtle changes that don’t introduce additional calories. Here are our top tips for adding variety to your diet while on a very low-calorie diet.

Making the most of Exante Fruit Flavour Drink Mixes

Exante Flavour Drink

3 top tips

  1. Use sparkling water with the Exante Blackcurrant Drink Mix to make your own fizzy drinks
  2. Add a drink mix to your Vanilla Shake to make a fruit smoothie
  3. Add the Orange Drink Mix to a bowl of Exante Porridge to make it taste like jam is mixed in

Making the most of your Exante Diet Shakes

Exante Almond Shake

6 Top Tips

  1. Mix crushed ice into any Exante Shake to make it super thick and cold – perfect for a warm day
  2. Add hot water to a Chocolate Shake to make a hot chocolate
  3. Add hot water to the Banana Shake to make banana custard
  4. Add Beanies Coffee and hot water to your Vanilla Shake to make a caramel latte
  5. Add Beanies Coffee and hot water to the Chocolate Shake to make a mocha
  6. Combine half and half Chocolate and Strawberry Shake to get a strawberry chocolate taste

Give Soup, Pasta and Porridge a kick

Exante Soup

6 Top Tips

  1. Add spices to Meal Replacement Soups, such as Thai seven spice
  2. Add Tabasco sauce to the Tomato Soup and Pasta Carbonara for a spicy kick
  3. Add peri peri sauce to Pasta Carbonara
  4. Add garlic powder to our Mushroom Soup and Vegetable Soup
  5. Add cinnamon or nutmeg to our Porridge for added flavour

And Finally…

When you’ve been on the Total Solution plan for over a week, your taste buds really do change and what you may not have liked in the first few days of starting Exante you might like. This theory was tested on 2 dieters who said they didn’t like the porridge. We asked them to try it again after being on the Total Solution for a number of weeks. We told them it was a different porridge (it wasn’t) and they said it was so much better than the ‘old one’ and they’d happily eat it! Try it for yourself, you may just be surprised by just how great our meal replacement range can taste!

Have you got any tips on how you ‘mix it up’ for variety? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Amy Brawn

Amy Brawn

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