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Hair Loss and Exante: Why Exante Isn’t Causing Your Hair Loss

Hair Loss and Exante: Why Exante Isn’t Causing Your Hair Loss

So stressed that your hair is falling out? We know diets can be stressful but we also don’t believe they should make your hair fall out! Here at Exante HQ we receive numerous queries relating to hair loss, particularly when people are on our Total Solution plan. So, as always we want to ensure we’re listening to all of you lovely people and helping you understand what might be causing hair loss while on your new weight loss plan.

Did you know that all of our meal replacement products are made with Biotin?

A biotin deficiency can often lead to hair loss, therefore biotin is a vitamin that is commonly recommended for hair growth. Therefore there are many biotin supplements out there aimed to prevent hair loss or thinning. This is why we’ve included biotin in our products as we know the importance of healthy hair (and skin) as well as a healthy lifestyle.

So what is causing my hair loss?

We are all aware of the benefits of a low-calorie diet, how it can reduce body fat and in turn reduce the risks of developing conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, this rapid reduction in calories can also stimulate other changes in our body which are less desirable.

The British Thyroid foundation discusses that many different conditions may lead to hair loss; some hair loss is part of normal life. Women after childbirth and at the time of the menopause can lose hair and almost every man will lose some hair by the time of reaching adulthood. Elderly males and females will develop baldness of various degrees, which is largely determined by genetic factors. Along with this, human scalp hair does not grow continuously.

Studies demonstrate that calorie restrictive diets can inhibit thyroid function, and it is thyroid function that is linked to our hair health. The thyroid is your body’s center for hormone regulation and if there is a hormone imbalance, it can cause you to lose some hair initially.

What is the solution?

The key message here is regulation, once your body gets used to the calorie deficit it’s likely that the thyroid gland will start to regulate itself. However, if this continues to be a problem, we always advise that is worth mentioning to your doctor.

However, all is not lost in the meantime. Along with the added Biotin in our products, you can also buy biotin supplements from health stores (again be sure to check with your doctor before doing so).

For those of you not following our Total Solution plan, there are also a number of foods that are rich in biotin that you can add more of into your diet if you are experiencing problems with hair loss:

  • Oats
  • Egg Yolks
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Brie
  • Milk
  • Carrots
  • Pork
  • Apples

Hair Loss: Let’s Re-cap

  • As frustrating as it might be, hair loss can be a side effect of a dramatic change in calorie intake and therefore may happen while on our Exante plan (or any diet plan that you stick to strictly).
  • We do however add biotin to our products to try and counteract these effects.
  • Hair loss should only be temporary, and minimal, while your body gets used to the change and of course if not, consult your doctor.
  • There are biotin supplements you can buy to help maintain healthy hair while dieting if this is something you are concerned about.
  • The list of foods above are rich in biotin and eating more of them could help with hair loss while dieting

Have you tried our balanced range selection yet?
These meals are still calorie-controlled, high in protein and low in carbs but could be a great alternative if you are finding the drastic reduction in calories too much for your hair to handle.

Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon

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