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12 Years of exante, 12 years of YOU

That’s right, exante is 12 years old today! It’s true what they say, time really does fly when you’re having fun. But we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for all our wonderful customers and ever-growing exante family- you are what makes us great. So today, instead of just celebrating 12 years of exante, we also want to celebrate 12 years of you!  

Take a look at the amazing impact YOU have had on our community…

Join us in today’s blog where we’ll be looking through some of exante’s biggest business highlights as well as looking at some of our most memorable moments of YOU from the last 12 years. Ready? Let’s take a look… 

How it Started vs How it’s Going

Before we get into the real celebrations, let’s take a look at exante’s journey over the last 12 years… 

The year is 2010 and exante has just been launched into the UK, kicking off with meal replacement products sold directly from consultants to the public.  

One year later in 2011, we joined The Hut Group’s growing family. 

In 2014 we made history launching the first ever meal replacement pizza– yum!  

Just two years later, we expanded the exante range to include more weight management products and supplements. 

We mixed things up for 2018 and gave exante a fresh makeover just in time for our launch into UK retail. We also said hello to our first 2 & 4 Week boxes! 

A year later, exante went plant-based and launched a full vegan-friendly range.  

In the year that was like no other, we made history once again with our world’s first clear whey meal replacement shake, JUICED 

In 2021, we started to expand into the lifestyle market with a fresh range of tasty snacking products 

Now, the year is 2022 and we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner… 

12 Years of exante, 12 Years of YOU!  

We simply would not be where we are today without the support from our wonderful exante family, so today we want to celebrate YOU. To really kickstart the 12th Birthday celebrations, we’re sharing some of our most inspiring stories and transformations from over the last 12 years. Let’s get into it! 

Sandra joined exante at her lowest, now she knows exante is always going to be here for her…

“What can I say, it’s been an amazing journey with ups and downs but I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I’m already on track for my target but, sadly, the pandemic did set me back a bit. I lost my strength but now I’m back and stronger than ever, ready to lose the last 3 stone. I lost nearly 10st but I end up putting some of that weight back over the last 18 months, but I’m sure I can lose another 3st with exante and finally get to target. 

Before my dad passed away with lung cancer, I promised him that I would lose weight and look like myself again. A year after my dad’s death, I decided to give it a go, I started exante near 19st and here I am with 3st to target! I know that he’d be very proud of me, I’m sure he’s watching and giving me the strength to carry on. My family and friends have been incredible and exante’s Closed Group have given me all the extra support I needed, especially on down days. I’m so happy to have found exante!” 

Kate lost 10 stone and is now one of exante’s most memorable faces…

“exante changed my life right from the beginning. At my highest weight I was beginning to see an impact on my health, I was breathless, exhausted and couldn’t even bear to look in a mirror. After only about 4-5 weeks of joining exante, people already started to notice that I was losing weight. Throughout my journey, my husband always used to say he could see my old self coming back to me, and it’s true! In 2019, I was lucky enough to win exante’s Slimmer of the Summer and was treated to a makeover and photoshoot at their HQ, but I knew I still had some way to go. 

 Now, I’ve lost over 10st, I’m so comfortable in my own skin and can finally get on with being me. Better yet, exante has become an even bigger part of my life as I now work as one of their Brand Ambassadors. I love finding new ways to get creative with the exante meals and inspiring other people who are starting their own journey. My life has changed so much and totally for the better!” 

Christine’s health has improved since joining exante…

“I started exante at 21 stone 13 pounds and I’m now 11 stone 7 pounds- so I’ve lost 10 and a half stone. I started my exante journey with the 800 plan I did 3 products and a 200kcal meal a day. When I joined, I was type 2 diabetic but now I’m in remission. I used to suffer with high blood pressure and have recently stopped one of my medications for it, it’s crazy how much of an improvement I’m seeing. exante has totally changed my life, I am a lot more confident and happier in myself I feel like I have a better relationship with food now!” 

Lou never thought she could stick to making healthier choices, now exante is part of her life…

“I actually found exante through one of my favourite influencers on social media. Like a lot of people, I was sceptical because I’d tried so many diets before but hadn’t even been able to stick to it. But I still decided to bite the bullet and try out exante- I’m so thankful I did! I started my diet with the 800 calorie plan and, for some reason, I was so motivated. I was able to stick to the diet and notice some amazing changes pretty quickly. Now, I’ve reached my goal weight and use exante snacks, bars and shakes alongside a balanced diet to stay healthy. I recently got engaged and I’ll be using exante to help prep for my wedding- I can’t wait!” 

Shaun couldn’t be happier since joining exante…

“When I started on January the 19th this year, I was 22st 10lbs and borderline diabetic and had knee problems too. I’ve been a dieter most my life, but none of them ever seemed to work for me. I could never reach my set goal and lost interest as progress would be slow. When I found exante, the weekly loses and plan meant I found it so easy! The products are tasty and easy to manage around my day.⁣ By May I was at my first target of 16st 10lbs and I reached 15st 3lb in July. I’m now maintaining and couldn’t be happier!”⁣ 

We’re so inspired by every single one of YOU. There’s no way these 12 years would’ve been possible without all your stories, transformations and successes. If you want to share your story, tag us on Instagram or Facebook or reach out to us via our Closed Group, we love to celebrate your success. Here’s to 12 years of exante and 12 years of you!

Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

Writer and expert

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