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How To Shake Up Your Shakes

How To Shake Up Your Shakes

There are a great range of meal replacement shakes you can choose from when following the Exante low calorie diet plan, from Chocolate to Strawberry and many more. We want to show you that as well as choosing from a variety of delicious flavours, there are a number of ways you can also shake up your shakes. If you follow @alnicsw, you will see how creative he is with the Exante meal replacement shakes, and we wanted to share some of his inventive ideas with you. Here are many ways you can shake up your shakes.

Make Them Into Mini Cheesecakes

Using the Limited Edition Mocha Frappe Shake from the Coffee Shop Range, @alnicsw  made Mini Mocha Cheesecakes. Using the Mocha Frappe Shake he created a mouse that he then set on top an an exante Gooey Chocolate Pudding base. How delicious!

Mini Mocha Cheesecake Recipe

Make Them Into Custard Tarts

Mixing an Unflavoured Meal Replacement Shake with vanilla essence and setting it in silicone cake moulds using Vege-Gel, @alnicsw made his own Exante style custard tarts. It’s especially delicious with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top! It is a treat that you can simply make and quickly enjoy.

Exante style custard tarts

Make Your Own Cupcakes

Another recipe created by @alnicsw is exante style low calorie cupcakes. Here are his instructions below:

  1. Mix 1 Vanilla Shake and 1 Unflavoured Shake (flavours can be altered, or you can use one shake if you prefer) whilst preheating oven to 200°C
  2. Use enough water to make the shakes into a paste.
  3. Add one egg and 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix into a cake batter.
  4. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until cooked.
  5. Sugar-free ‘icing sugar’ – mix powdered sweetener with 1-2 teaspoons of cornstarch to prevent clumping – this can then be used to create buttercream following a standard recipe!

Mix 2 Flavours Together

Another amazing idea from @alnicsw was to mix up the flavours of shakes. Alex created his own cherry ‘shakewell’ for lunch, inspired by the popular British classic, a cherry bakewell tart. Alex mixed Cherries & Berries Meal Replacement Shake with almond extract, topped with an Almond Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake to create this.

Cherry Shakewell Meal Replacement Shake

Cook A Rice Pudding

Combining a Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake with konjac rice and water, you can make a completely delicious Exante style rice pudding. This could be a brilliant idea during food week or the Exante 800 plan? Thanks for sharing @alnicsw. With this recipe you don’t need to feel like you are missing out on eating a classic British dessert.

exante style rice pudding

Make a Vanilla Ice Cream

Forget the high-calorie ice cream options down the supermarket freezer aisles. Why not make your own Exante style vanilla ice cream? @alnicsw made an Exante style vanilla gelato to cool down on a lovely sunny day.

He combined a Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake mix, and whisked it using an electric whisk. Then, he placed the mixture in the freezer and whisked every hour for at least 3 hours to disturb the ice crystals. Finally, leave to freeze…and enjoy!

Vanilla Ice Cream

Add Low Calorie Syrup

You can even shake up your shake like @alnicsw does by adding a low calorie caramel syrup. This can be the perfect solution if you especially feel like you desperately need a sweet treat that day.

Add syrups to your exante shakes

Create A Turkish Delight Shake

Do you love Turkish Delight? @alnicsw added rosewater and a few drops of beetroot pink food colouring with his Exante Unflavoured Meal Replacement Shake to create an Exante style Turkish Delight shake.

Exante Style Turkish Delight

Set Your Shake and Make a Mousse

Do you love a good mousse you can tuck into? @alnicsw mixes his Chocolate Mint Meal Replacement Shake with a gelatin to create a chocolate mint mousse. It will feel like you are having your sweet treat after 8!

Chocolate Mint Mousse

Make a Crème Caramel

A Crème Caramel is a popular dessert loved by many people, and @alnicsw has created his own Exante style crème caramel with a Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake (set with gelatin) and then he added low calorie syrup on top. If you are missing a custard style dessert and you fancy a sweet treat, @alnicsw says this is perfect straight from the fridge.

Exante Style Creme Caramel

Add Coffee to your Shake

Another inventive idea from @alnicsw is to add coffee to his Almond Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake to create an Almond Vanilla Frappe. So walk past those high street coffee shops and make your own frappes!

Exante Style Coffee

Learning how to shake up your shakes can keep things interesting. A very low calorie diet may at times feel restrictive but if you allow your creative flair to shine through it can be fun and very rewarding, like @alnicsw proves with all these delicious creations.

If you too have been inventive with your shakes, please share them on Instagram and tag us at @exantediet or #exantediet, or even join our Facebook Closed Group to share how you shake up your shakes.

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