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Three Inspirational Exante Women

Over the last 10 years, we have seen so many inspirational women transform their lives with the support of exante , including Lynette and Charlie who both took control of their health and lost over 6 stone each!

The exante closed group on Facebook is a place filled with men and women who are helpful, supportive and most of all inspirational! For International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March, we wanted to highlight three inspirational women that are active members in the exante closed group on Facebook. Read more about their stories, their weightloss journeys, their successes and their struggles below. Thank you to Melanie, Catherine and Jonelle for sharing their stories…

Melanie lost over 4 stone with exante

Meet Melanie, aged 49, who has lost 4 and a half stone following the exante diet plan.



What plan did you follow?

“I did exante 800 until my BMI was 25 and then I did exante 1200 to lose the last half a stone. My journey took me 7 months and I have been maintaining for 4 months – even through Christmas. I am 5 foot 7 and was a size 18 and now I am a 10/12.”

Why did you start exante?

“I have been obese since age 10 and averaged 14 stone and a size 16 as an adult but at my heaviest I was 18 stone and size 24.

I have tried every diet before, got back to a “comfortable” size 16 but never had the willpower to lose any more. The turning point for me last March was I was very poorly with pneumonia, and after 10 days in bed, only getting up to eat rubbish; I had to do an ‘emergency’ clothes shop for size 18s so I could go back to work.  I weighed on Mum’s scales and was just over 15 stone which was a bit of a shock as I thought I was about 13 and a half stone.”

“Being so poorly and reflecting on the fact I was going to be 50 next year made me realise that any illness I had from now on in would be ten times worse due to my obesity. With a history of high cholesterol and diabetes in the family I knew I had to get the weight off.” – Melanie

How did you find exante and why did exante work for you?

“Whilst Googling other meal replacements exante popped up. I bought my first 50 products and have never looked back. I stuck to the plan, did not have ‘cheat days’, because cheat days is how I stayed so fat for so long in the first place -telling myself I deserve a cake or by eating crisps suddenly all my problems would disappear. I have learned to say no; I don’t need that cake Mum made, or the sweets the kids share or the cheese and biscuits with my fiancé. Because most days I was doing just that! Mostly eating healthily but not saying ‘no thank you’ enough.”

“I lost 3 stone in the first 4 months and then the weight loss slowed as a reached my goal. Rather than worrying about the weight loss slowing down I celebrated my journey so far.”

How has losing weight impacted your overall health?

“I have herniated discs in my back so many exercises are not possible but I try to swim once a week and walk as much as I can.  Since I have lost the weight I am so much happier; struggled with anxiety and clinical depression in the past; but now I feel healthy and confident and really quite like myself!”

What were you most memorable non-scale victories?

“My new obsession is clothes shopping. I love to make the best of myself now, got some contact lenses and had a makeup lesson to help me look my best. My teenager is very pleased with how I do my eyebrows now!”

“I have had lots of NSVs (Non Scale Victories), I have worn a bikini at the spa, a wetsuit in the sea and done a zip wire; all the things I wouldn’t do when I was overweight. I have had less coughs and colds and my recurrent cold sores have gone away (I put it down to all the vitamins and minerals in the products.)”

What advice would you give to someone considering starting an exante diet plan?

“My best advice to anyone starting is yes it can be hard, but its not impossible. Know your weak points and have a strategy. For example, if I am going to a barbeque I will take some hard boiled eggs and salad to share in case there is no food on offer I like. I even put cream teas on for the family but also prepare salad and fruit so I can also join in eating with limited damage to my maintenance. I have learned to make better choices eating out and choosing a starter instead of a main to keep me on track. You’ll find what works best for you your goal.”


“I am getting married in June just before I am 50, I have the most beautiful dress and cannot wait to show my Exante family the pics. – Melanie”

Catherine lost 7 stone with exante



Meet Catherine, aged 44, who has lost 7 stone following the exante diet plan. Katherine went from a size 22 to a size 12! Katherine’s favourite exante products are the Caramel Crunch bar, the Indian Daal pot meal and the Apple Crumble.

Why did you start exante? What motivated you?

“In December 2017, aged 42, I ended up having a total hip replacement. This was when my life changed. When I got out of hospital and came back home, I realised that I was having trouble supporting my own body weight. That was when I decided that I’d had enough and things were going to change. I started in January 2018 and have never looked back.”

What were you most memorable non-scale victories?

“Due to personal circumstances and illness within my family, I decide to get married to my long-term partner so my mum could see us tie the knot (organised in 3 months, start to finish). Walking down the aisle and feeling amazing, confident and so, so happy!

Also, when I did my first 20” box jump…I cried!”

How has losing weight impacted your overall health?

“At the weekends we go for bike rides as a family.” – Catherine

“Where to start?! I went from being morbidly obese and needing joint replacement surgery to someone who has weekly PT sessions, boxes, does spin, HIIT classes (so much more!) and I’m doing my first marathon and Tough Mudder later this year BUT …

Without a doubt, the biggest impact is on my family. My children come to the gym with me and also have self-defence classes. We walk to school. At the weekends we go for bike rides as a family. We go on adventures through forests and swim in the sea because I CAN. That’s all the physical health but also my mental health is so much better. I like myself. I’m more confident. I don’t get anxious, embarrassed or have food guilt any more. I smile and laugh more. In short, I’m happy and loving life.


“In short, I’m happy and loving life.” – Catherine

Jonelle lost 3 stone 3lbs with exante

Meet Jonelle, aged 45, who has lost over 3 stone following the exante diet plan. Jonelle went from a size 14/16 to a size 8/10! Her favourite products are the Vanilla Shake, Coconut Shake, Dahl Pot, Birthday Bar, Cherries & Berries Shake, and the Thai soup!

WAS: 12 STONE 2lbs

NOW: 8 STONE 12lbs

How were you feeling before you started exante?

“Basically I was unhappy, cried most days about how I looked. Didn’t look in the mirror and I was just a bubbly person on the outside to everyone but inside felt horrible. I didn’t want to go anywhere and had about 2 outfits that looked ok always in black, but I had nothing to wear and never wanted to shop and I love shopping. I ended up just buying shoes and bags as it didn’t matter how fat you were buying these items. I then decided end of April/ May 2019 that enough was enough. I had to do something and I had watched something on TV around exante. I liked the fact it was so strict as if I have to go with calories or to decide what to cook for myself it wouldn’t work. So I ordered my 1 month worth and couldn’t wait to start….

…I told my parents and boyfriend that I was starting on this journey and support me. They didn’t realise how unhappy I was and I had to do this. The first month was hard but I was bloody determined to feel better.”

Why did you start exante?

“I started Exante because I heard about it on TV and I loved the fact it wasn’t too expensive and also a strict regime.”

“Plus I joined the Facebook group which was fantastic.” – Jonelle

How has losing weight impacted your overall health?

“My joints feel completely different. I am able to run… I feel light on my feet and run about for work, home with kids and generally I feel so much better in myself. The energy I have is so good.”

Aimee Heeran

Aimee Heeran

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