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3 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Summer Weight Loss

If your summer weight loss goal is to fit into your bikini or swimsuit…here’s our handy guide to avoiding common mistakes that may sabotage your progress (don’t worry we’ve all done them)…

1 | You’re sipping regularly on Summer drinks

When it comes to losing weight, many of us focus on what we’re eating but forget about what we’re are drinking. Sound familiar? On long, hot summer days it’s so easy to consume calories from fruity drinks packed with added sugars or frappes full of fat! Drinking your calories is so unnecessary and can easily be stopped. So, don’t panic, you can rethink what you drink with our top tips, plus try our low-sugar alternatives.

Did you know that the average frappe contains at least 60g of sugar – that’s 15 teaspoons of sugar!

Summer drinks have officially hit the menus of high street coffee shops! But, watch out – these deliciously sounding fruity thirst quenchers and frappes are a lethal weapon for sabotaging your summer weight loss. Have you ever looked at the nutritional menu? You’ll find that an average frappe contains at least 60g of sugar – that’s 15 teaspoons of sugar! You’d have to run 30 minutes just to burn it off! Don’t forget the whipped cream topping too. That’ll add 100 more calories to your drink.

With a delicious array of flavours, from Strawberry, Chocolate Mint, to our White Chocolate and Raspberry, all our Exante Shakes can be whizzed up with ice to create a 200 calorie, low sugar frappe with half the calories!

2 | You’re not eating enough

So you planned to follow the mantra of ‘Summer bodies are made in the Winter’ and suddenly June hit you and you realised you spent the Winter devouring Cadburys (we’ve all been there). So now, to compensate you’ve decided to starve yourself until your Summer holiday, event or work do – perfect. Except not so perfect at all. You may feel less bloated and initally think it’s a good plan, but you’ll likely find it results in you inhaling a takeaway come weekend. Plus, it doesn’t do so much for your metabolism either!

When it comes to losing weight, it’s important to eat little and often and ensure you are eating the right types of food. In order to avoid sabotaging your Summer weight loss, make sure you are stocked up on healthy, high-protein snacks. If you are stuck for inspo, our  high protein snacks are the perfect treat to have on the go and will keep you on track towards your goals.

3 | You’re eating too many ‘low-fat foods’

Low-fat used to be the way to go if you were serious about dropping the pounds and getting healthy. Recently, nutrition experts are publishing evidence that some high-fat foods have serious health benefits, including positive effects on your waistline.

Psychologically, the “low-fat” label on food often translates to; “this must be healthy for me so I can eat more.” As you can imagine, this doesn’t bode well for losing weight. Why? Low-fat foods cause a blood sugar roller coaster. This is because, without fat, food is not as filling as fat takes longer to digest – which helps us feel full.

You are better off eating whole-fat foods such as eggs, avocados, nuts and seeds than products labelled low-fat such as yoghurts. The slower digestion will allow your body to breakdown and use the energy from that food at a slower, steadier pace.

Protein diet

4 | You’re getting carried away at summer BBQ’s

Summer BBQ season will soon be well and truly in full swing, but all the food and drinking can take its toll on our waistlines. To ensure you’re not piling on the pounds this summer, here are our top health hacks to get through BBQ season!

  1. Try eating slower, and you could consume fewer calories! Why? Because it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to register that full feeling – giving us time to realise and stop eating the rest on our plates. Don’t eat another hot dog because it’s there – maybe one is just enough! You’ll soon see the difference on the scales.
  2. Keep an eye on your portions. BBQ’s are like a running buffet – leaving you open to consuming so many more calories than you think. A dollop of hummus here, extra mayo there, a hot dog, a burger, some steak, chicken kebabs, and salad – can’t hurt right? Everything can seriously add up. If you need some help with portion sizing, check out our blog.
  3. Get the music on. Did you know dancing can burn up to 400 calories per hour?  So, if you did treat yourself a little, why not get on some outside tunes and use up those carbs as energy.
  4. Stick to red wine. There’s always debates around how healthy red wine is – from helping to lose weight and the complete opposite. Although it’s not calorie free, it’s true that red wine contains antioxidants. So, if you are wanting to indulge in a little tipple, red wine really is a good choice.

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