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Back in Stock! | Exante Balance Range

Back in Stock! | Exante Balance Range

If you’re following our Flexi Solution, 5:2 Diet or your simply looking for healthy high protein meal, you’ll love our Balance Range! We’ve stocked up on your favourites in time for Autumn, so you can enjoy some serious hearty warmers and high protein heroes to keep you on track to weight  loss success!

What is the Balance Range?

Our Balance Range is packed with healthy options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plus a range of healthy Snacks to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

  • Perfectly portioned
  • Calorie controlled
  • 320 calories or less
  • The perfect balance of carbs, protein and fibre
  • Ready in minutes!

Did you know? Our meals don’t need to be refrigerated – simply stock up your cupboards, throw into your bag and go!

Who can enjoy Balance Range products?

If you’re following our Flexi Solution, or are looking to lose or maintain your weight, the Balance Range is perfect for you! Enjoy as either your healthy meal or as one of your Exante products a day, just make sure you stick under your 1200 calories for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Start your day right…

From granola, muesli to porridge, we’ve got a delicious range of high-protein breakfasts you’ll love. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Lunch on-the-go

If you find yourself grabbing lunch at the last minute during a busy day, your options can be limited to carb-heavy sandwiches or fat-packed fast food. For a meal deal that won’t break the calorie bank, try our healthy lunch range.

Enjoy delicious fresh soups and warming pasta shells in a delicate tomato sauce. Just pick your favourite, pop it in the microwave and enjoy!

Dinner time with a difference

Home from work late with no time to prepare a healthy meal? Step away from that takeaway menu! Simply select from our delicious range of high-protein dinners, ready in minutes. Perfect for the whole family, from ravenous teenagers to picky eaters, our in-house chefs have developed healthy alternatives to all your traditional family favourites.

The average Lasagna contains up to 900 calories – ours contains just 1/3 of the calories!

Snack smart and stay on track

Here at Exante, we can’t resist an afternoon snack – or a morning snack for that matter! If you find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin or are tempted by the office feeder try our healthy high-protein nibbles to keep you on the straight and narrow. Crisps on a diet? You bet!


Start today with our 2, 4 or 6 week Balance Range packs and fall in love with something new with Exante!

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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