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Exante Slimmer of the Year 2017: Vote Now!

Exante Slimmer of the Year 2017: Vote Now!

2017 was an amazing year of transformations and we couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work you all put in! As you know, each month we run a Slimmer of the Month competition and from this, we narrowed it down to our top three contestants for our Slimmer of the Year final. All three of these lovely ladies have lost an incredible amount of weight, but what they’ve gained is so much more. A new found confidence, a new bill of health and a new outlook on life is what Exante has given them and now, we want to reward them for all of this!

Slimmer of the Year Exante

All 3 had a wonderful spa day, including facials and massages as a ‘Thank You from Exante’. It also gave us an opportunity to sit down with them and found out what Exante has meant to them and of course what winning Slimmer of the Year would mean to them too.

Every single one of them is a deserving winner and what each of them has achieved is beyond impressive. However, we are giving one of them a chance to win £1,500 of holiday vouchers and you the power to decide who! Read their stories and VOTE NOW.

Meet Kelly

Kelly, 35

Weight Lost: 6 stone

What made you decide to lose weight?

“I was at a very high risk of diabetes and I knew I needed to change something.”

Did you follow a plan?

“Yes, I followed Total Solution and had flexible meals every other weekend.”

How has your life changed since losing weight? 

“My health has improved as well as my mental health. I am now able to go further when walking with my kids and my dogs, and I just generally feel so much better about myself.”

“My confidence is through the roof! I would never have picked the wedding dress I have chosen in my larger days and honestly feel a million dollars when I wear it!”

What would you tell people looking to lose weight?

“I would tell anyone who wants to lose some weight, you have got to find what’s right for you. However, if you want to see really good, quick results, using decent products that taste nice, then do Exante.”

How do you feel now you’ve lost the weight?

“I feel like Kelly Hydon again, which is something I never thought I would be able to do.”

What would winning Slimmer of the Year mean to you?

“Winning Slimmer of the Year would mean absolutely everything to me.”

Meet Jeanette

Jeanette, 50

Total Weight Lost: 11 st, 7lbs

What would say to other people thinking about starting Exante?

“I have tried every diet in the book, but something clicked with Exante. It is so easy to just grab a sachet or a milkshake and go. I would recommend Exante to anybody. I just think if you are overweight, go for it – you won’t regret it!”

I love going out looking for clothes and now I’m not embarrassed thinking everyone is looking at my size. I also don’t get breathless and my health has improved 110%.”

What would winning Slimmer of the Year mean to you?

“If I won Slimmer of the Year, it would mean everything to me. Even though I’ve lost weight and that is everything, it would just be the cherry on top of the cake!”

Meet Charlie

Charlie, 44

Total Weight Lose: 10st, 7lbs

What made you decide to lose weight? 

“I have arthritis and have had lots of ops to try and help but I never helped myself and just felt sorry for myself. I was searching the internet for help and found Exante. My 9-year-old daughter had never known me healthy and enough was enough! I realised I could lose weight or get worse and give up. I chose to fight and I am amazed to discover that with the help of Exante I could discover life. My life has changed beyond belief.”

Did you follow a plan?

“Yes, the Flexi Solution“.

What did you like about the plan?

“The plan gives me choices. I LOVE crisps and still can’t believe Exante have them!!! I look forward to my meals where I used to hate eating and would feel guilty ALL THE TIME!!! I don’t see it as a diet but a life adjustment that just suits me.”

What was your life like before Exante?

“My life before Exante, I was permanently sad. I would get really, really upset about my weight and it would affect everything in my life.”

What do you like about Exante?

“With Exante, I like the choice. It doesn’t feel like a diet, it actually is a way of life for me now. It’s changed my mentality to ‘I can do things’.”

How has your life changed since losing weight? Tell us your story.

“I am in a lot less pain. I still have metal holding my knees together and arthritic hands that hurt but nothing like it used too. Exante helped me when I found out I have arthritis in my hip because I knew losing weight would really help. I wake up looking forward to each day. I walk more and have even bought a swimming costume! I feel like a normal person and am no longer the fattest person in every room I walk into. I am no longer relying on other people for the solutions and feel in control of myself. I am even straying to like myself!”

What would winning Slimmer of the Year mean to you?

“Winning Slimmer of the Year would be absolutely amazing, but I already feel like a winner. Losing weight is enough of a prize to me.”

VOTE NOW to crown your Exante 2017 Slimmer of the Year winner!*

*Voting closes 15th January 2018 & the winner will be announced in February 2018.

Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon

Writer and expert

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