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Many brides follow an exante diet plan for their pre-wedding diet to help them lose weight, slim down or tone up in time for their wedding day, and so here are some wedding dress diet success stories.

With dedication to their diet plans, these Exante brides have achieved incredible weight loss results and transformed their bodies for their wedding day.

Meet Mandy

Mandy lost over 3 stone for her wedding day

Keep going – if I can do this ANYONE can.

Mandy kickstarted her exante weightloss journey last summer at a starting weight of nearly 16 stone. Mandy decided to start exante not only to transform her body but to boost her confidence levels. Since starting her weight loss journey, Mandy dropped four dress sizes and transformed her body in time for her wedding.

“I got Married yesterday! When I started this journey I was a 18/20, but I’m now a 12/14. Who knew I could get away with wearing a frock like this at 53 and feel great in it! I still have weight to lose and am writing this on a five-hour road trip to a mini moon! But thank you exante, thank you for all of your support & after a few days off I’ll be back on it! Keep going – if I can do this ANYONE can.”

Meet Kate

Kate lost over 3 stone following the exante bridal diet

Within 9 weeks I had lost 3st… I was astounded!

After finding her dream wedding dress, Kate decided to start exante for her pre-wedding diet to help her get on track to fitting into her dream wedding dress, in time for the big day.

“I stumbled across Exante in my search and my initial thoughts were that this was really affordable and perfect for me as I needed something rigid to stick to. I weighed 19st and 2lbs. I was shocked with a 9.25lb loss at first weigh in. This motivated me to continue. Within 9 weeks I had lost 3st! I went for a fitting and my dress went from not closing on the bum to fully laced up. I was astounded!

Because my dress was a curvy girl design I was restricted to how much I could lose. I therefore tried to maintain from then until the wedding. I weighed in at 16st 3.5 at the wedding!”

Meet Katherine

Katherine lost over 7 stone by following an exante wedding dress diet

I can’t tell you the difference that exante has made to my health, family and overall quality of life.

Since the age of 15, Katherine has struggled with her weight. After having a total hip replacement at the age of 42, last January Katherine decided it was time to change and decided to start on exante. Since then, she has lost over 7 stone and felt incredible for her wedding day in November 2018.

“This is happiness in a photo. One year, seven stone and seven dress sizes apart (22 to 10-12). I can’t tell you the difference that Exante has made to my health (mental and physical), family (being able to play with our girls, enjoy family time with far less pain and more energy) and overall quality of life. I actually still use the products every day because they’re so high in protein, they make a great post-workout snack and have calmed my IBS down to the point of non-existence.”

Wedding Dress Diet

Do you want to kickstart your weightloss journey in time for your wedding day? Start your pre-wedding diet plan with a 2 or 4 week box to try the diet and the fantastic range of products. Find out more here.

Want to learn more about exante and how it could help you to kickstart your weight loss journey? Find out more here.

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