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What’s the Best Diet Plan for me?

What’s the Best Diet Plan for me?

The best diet plans for weight loss are usually very low calorie and have immediate results, but the downside is they can be quite restrictive. For you, the simplest weight loss plan may be one that tells you what to eat and when, or maybe you prefer a much more relaxed approach where you can pick and choose your calorie-counting?

Confused? With so many diet plans on the market, it’s difficult to know what they all entail, and which is best for your lifestyle. Take a look below, where we break down the differences between the three main types of diet plans – ketogenic, flexible & fasting diets – and see which one best suits your weight loss goals.

What’s the best ketogenic diet plan?

Very low-calorie diet plans are ideal if you’re looking to lose weight quickly with ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body stores fat as its main source of energy. With reduced calories and carbs, your energy comes from ketones in the blood rather than blood glucose. For more information on what ketosis is, take a look here.

A good VLCD diet plan to follow is our Total Solution diet which is a supervised plan that reduces intake to 600 calories. The body is given fewer calories but three regular meal replacements can be eaten at the same time as your usual meals.

For more information on Total Solution, take a look here. My favourite product? Our Chocolate Mint Shake!

What’s the best flexible diet plan?

Exante Flexi Plan

Flexible plans are good for those who struggle to stick to rigid diet plans and who would prefer to eat home-cooked meals with loved ones. Flexible meal plans incorporate different meals for a diverse, more relaxed way of losing weight.

Our Flexi Solution plan combines two meal replacement products of your choosing and one healthy home-cooked meal, coming up to 1,200 calories a day. You can choose from 75 shakes, bars, soups & meals and can create your own healthy 800 calorie recipes too.

For more information on Flexi Solution, take a look here.

What’s the best fasting diet?

Exante Guide to Portion Control

Fasting diets are ideal for the busy working man or woman who wish to lose weight gradually over time. Dieters often enjoy the flexibility of choosing which days to fast, as well as the option to stop calorie counting on their ‘normal eating’ days.

The best fasting diet is probably the 5:2 diet which offers 5 days normal eating and 2 days of fasting. Fasting has been proven to work in the long-term, with 2 lbs lost on average per week on the diet. Exante’s 5:2 Diet plan reduces calories on fasting days to 600 calories, whilst the other 5 days you can eat up to 2,000 calories. Meal replacement products and other low-calorie meal substitutes are ideal for the 2 fasting days a week.

For more information on the 5:2 Diet, take a look here.

What snacks can I have on the Flexi and Fasting diets?

Dieting shouldn’t restrict you from enjoying snacks when you’re on a family day out with friends and family, or watching a movie! If you don’t want to derail your diet but still have something you enjoy try some our amazing Balance Range snacks like our Choco Balls and Protein Wafers which are super low in calories!

Fancy something even more indulgent but still 100% guilt-free? Try our Peanut Caramel Balls! The irresistible combination of sweet creamy caramel and salty peanut butter make this delectable snack totally addictive. Packed with 15g protein, enjoy as a healthy treat on-the-go or as a guilt-free dessert.

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Sophie Seddon

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