• 3 x 200 calorie Exante Diet meal products per day.
  • 2 - 4 litres of water per day (still or sparkling)
  • Food packs should be prepared without the use of oil/fat (Frylight or similar is acceptable).

Condiments Maximum Amount
Exante Sugar Free Syrups 3tbsp. per day
All herbs and spices - dried, fresh or in a tube/jar Unlimited
All herbs and spices - dried, fresh or in a tube/jar Unlimited
Garlic (fresh, paste or powder) Unlimited
Frylight or other 1 kcal spray Unlimited
Tabasco Unlimited
Soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce 2 tsp per day
Fish sauce Unlimited
Tablet Sweetener Unlimited
Vinegar - malt, balsamic 1 tsp per day
Pepper Unlimited
Mustard (Course, Wholegrain, Djon, French, English & USA Unlimited

Drinks Maximum Amount
Exante Water Enhancers Unlimited
Coffee, no milk - freeze dried (flavoured or regular), freshly roasted, decaffeinated or regular Unlimited
Tea, no milk - tea from the leaf, root or seed (not fruit based or from the flower) Unlimited
Dr Pepper Zero or other sugar free soft drink NOT containing citric acid 330 mls per day
Exante Drinks Mix 4tsp per day
Stock powder/bullion or stock cube 2 tsp. or 1 cube per day
Beef Bovril or Marmite 1 tsp. per day

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