Low Calorie Week

A 'Low Calorie Week' is required every 3 weeks on Exante Diet for customers following our Total Solution programme (not required for participants on Total Plus). You should have a break every 3-4 weeks while following a Total Dietary Replacement programme, so a Low Calories Week is required while following Total Solution every 3 weeks (21 days). NICE guidelines state that VLCD's should not be followed continuously for long periods of time. Low Calorie Week will allow you to take a break from VLCD in a structured way and then return to the VLCD at the end of the week.

As the Total Plus Solution does not replace all of the daily intake with meal replacement products a Low Calorie Week every 3 weeks is not required. However, in line with NICE's guidelines Total PLus should not be followed continuously for more than 12 weeks.

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Who should follow the 'Low Calorie Week'?

Customers following the Total Solution should follow the Low Calorie Week every 3-4 weeks (take a break after every 21 days on the Total Solution). They should stay on the plan for one week and then return to Total Solution if they wish to continue losing weight.

Can I skip the 'Low Calorie Week'?

No it is an important part of the plan. EU Regulations state that Total Dietary Replacement plans should not be followed continuously for long periods of time without medical advice. Low Calorie Week is also a great way to get used to incorporating food into your diet again. As you only need to add an extra 201 calories on top of your 3 or 4 Exante Diet products you'll only have a daily calorie intake of around 801 calories allowing you to carry on your weight loss journey.

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How does the 'Low Calorie Week' Work?

During Low Calorie Week continue to consume either 3 x 200 calorie or 4 x 150 calorie Exante Diet products per day, but you must also include at least 201 kcal of conventional food per day. Read more about foods to consume on Low Calorie Week.. Or if you wish to abstain from conventional food for longer then a milk allowance of 201 kcal is suitable. At the end of the week either go back to Total Solution if you want to lose more weight or try one of the other Solutions if you are ready to maintain your weight loss.