Low Calorie Week

Low Calorie Week

If you are following our Total Solution, we recommend you increase your calorie intake to 800 calories per day every 4th week of the diet.

Low Calorie Week is designed to kick-start your metabolism and ensures safe and steady weight loss. By increasing your calorie intake every 21 days, you can remain on the Total Solution until you reach your goal.

How Does The Low Calorie Week Work?

During Low Calorie Week, you can continue to consume 3 x 200 calorie Exante meal replacements per day, alongside at least 200+ kcal of conventional food per day. This could be a healthy low-carb meal from our recipes section or a snack from our Food Week List

Alternatively, if you wish to abstain from conventional food for longer, then a milk allowance of 201 kcal is also suitable. 

At the end of the week, either return to the Total Solution for further weight loss, or, if you would like to maintain your weight, try one of our other diet plans or foods from our Balance Range

Will It Derail My Diet?

Absolutely not! 

Low calorie week is specifically designed to support a healthy metabolism and your weight loss goals. 

Consuming 800 calories per day will ensure you are still in a calorie deficit and allows you a break from a VLCD in a structured way, so you can stay on track. 

Who Should Follow The
Low Calorie Week?

For those following our Total Solution Plan, we recommend you follow the Low Calorie Week after 21 days of starting. 

If you are following our Total Solution Plan, you should follow each of the 7 days of the Low Calorie Week and then return to Total Solution if you wish to continue losing weight effectively with Exante.

If you are following our Flexi Solution, you can simply continue following the plan until you reach your goal.

Can I Skip The Low Calorie Week?

We'd advise our customers to follow Low Calorie Week if following our Total Solution diet plan. 

In line with NICE guidelines, it is expected that our customers following the Total Solution Plan take this week as an opportunity to reincorporate everyday healthy home cooked meals into their diets. 

Total Dietary Replacement plans should not be followed continuously for extended periods without medical advice. 

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