Sugar Free Syrups

With only TWO calories and just 0.6g carbs per 100g, our zero sugar syrups can be enjoyed on any Exante diet plan. We’ve got two delicious and irresistible flavours for you, both of which you can enjoy entirely guilt free!

How can you enjoy our sugar free syrups?

Drizzle Exante sugar-free syrups into smoothies or onto pancakes, porridge and frozen yoghurt – the list is endless! Alternatively, if you are following a meal replacement plan, why not add our zero sugar syrups to your Exante meal replacement breakfasts or desserts? Enjoy no matter what plan you are following! Whether you are on Flexi-Solution, Total Solution, the Man Plan or your own diet plan, these sugar-free syrups are a perfectly sweet, guilt-free indulgence!

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Sugar free syrups