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Cheri Lin

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

I'd had issues with my body for years. I especially disliked my big bum. I absolutely hated it; I was a typical pear shape, smaller on the top and larger around my bum with heavy thighs. At 16 I started to have contraceptive injections and as a consequence, I found that the weight piled on. I quickly went up two dress sizes. I was so disappointed that I went to see my GP and he stopped the course and put me on the pill. I thought my troubles would stop but they didn't and I continued to gain weight and even went up another dress size.

As a last attempt my GP put me on the mini pill - hurrah this time it worked and the weight gain stopped, but by now I was several stone overweight and my weight issues had really only just begun.

I'd never had a problem with my weight before so it was a total shock to find myself having to monitor what I ate. My eating habits began to get out of control and I ate for comfort, especially through emotionally difficult times. At one point I went up to 14 stone and was wearing size 18 clothes, I was technically obese, which apart from making me feel despondent was really scary.

I began cutting back, trying to eat healthily but upsets, like relationship problems, would set me back and although I lost some weight I couldn't drop below a size 16. I started trying different diets, I joined slimming clubs but hated having to 'share' my problems at embarrassing weigh-ins; I had diets delivered to me but didn't enjoy the food, it felt hopeless. Then a male friend suggested I try Exante Diet. I chose to follow their LCD plan Working Solution. I have heard of people trying their VLCD (very low calorie diet) before and that it was a success for them. Because this was my first time trying the diet, I wanted to opt for Working Solution because it enabled me to have an additional meal. On Exante's VLCD diet plan you are only allowed to consume 600 calories.

I started each day with a diet shake, had a diet bar for lunch and then cooked myself a healthy low-calorie meal in the evening like cod wrapped with ham or chicken salad. I also ate a piece of fruit during the day and then had another shake in the evening for my 'dessert'. It was great, I never felt hungry or deprived and the diet fitted around my busy lifestyle.

The weight came off quickly. Before long I dropped a dress size then another and by the end of the program and my confidence was brimming! I was fitting into a size 10 skirt and wearing size 8 dresses!

Friends and colleagues can't believe it, they don't recognise the new me, especially if they haven't seen me for a while. Everyone keeps saying, 'Where's your bum?' I'm so happy. At last I look like the person I used to be, wanted to be. Now I'm more than happy to get in front of the camera!

Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

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