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Sarah & Simon Parker

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

Sarah's start weight: 13 stone 10 pounds
End weight: 10 stone 3 pounds

Simon's start weight: 20 stone 12 pounds
End weight: 16 stone 9 pounds

Fifteen weeks on from starting Exante Diet and I have achieved a weight loss of 3 stone and Simon has achieved a weight loss of 4 stone 3 pounds and we have never been happier.

Fifteen weeks ago I looked in the mirror and thought.... I am going on holiday and I do not want to look like a beached whale in a bikini! I had a conversation with my Husband who was also overweight and we decided to try Exante. I have tried so many diets ranging from the cabbage soup diet, diet pills, slim fast and so on and none of them seemed to work! My husband and I therefore decided to try Exante together so we could support each other.

We ordered the total solution and followed it to the letter only drinking water, fizzy water; black tea and black coffee and one can of coke zero a day. I found the coke helped to stop my sweet cravings. For the first 4-5 days I was really hungry. I was stroppy and really hard to work and live with and I wanted to give up! However, when ketosis kicked in I coped with my hunger pains and as my stomach began to shrink over the next few days it became easier. My husband did exactly the same and had the same effects that I did, although he coped better than me.

In the first week I lost 10 pounds and my husband had lost 1 stone 4 pound. WOW, we were amazed and really encouraged by the results! After 2 weeks my husband was struggling as he had gone from approx. 3500 calories a day to 600. He decided to introduce between an additional 400 calorie meal in the evening. I continued with the total and we both continued to lose weight.

We introduced food slowly back into our diets, cutting down our portion sizes and not eating crisps, chocolate or cakes in-between meals and by doing this we've managed to keep the weight off. We're now losing between 2-7 pound a week! We've have been on food for 10 weeks and we just calorie count what we have. When people start saying how amazing you look it feels so rewarding! So don't give up! Thank you Exante!

Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

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