• Low Calorie Diet (LCD).
  • You lose weight by using meal-replacement diet products (food packs) plus an extra 600 calories of normal everyday food from a recommended list of food.
  • This provides 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDAs) of vitamins and minerals.
  • Top tip: Follow for 4 weeks and you’d be surprised by how much you’ll have lost!
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  • Have three Exante Diet meal replacement products a day. Choose from low calorie shakes, soups, bars and food packs like our Apple & Cinnamon Porridge and Red Bean Chilli. The choice of product is up to you, some customers prefer shakes only and others prefer a mix of all products. 3 x 200 Exante Diet products a day will give you 100% RDAs
  • Drink between 2-4 litres of water a day during this 1,200 calorie diet. To add some flavour, try some of our fruity drink mixes. Green leaf tea, plus herbal teas which do not contain any fruit or citric acid flavouring and or coffee without milk or sugar are all options to keep you well hydrated during the day.

  • Choose how and what you want to eat up to 600 kcal (calories). Take a look at our calorie controlled meals and low calorie diet snacks in our Recipes section. You can either:
  • Choose low carbohydrate snacks totaling 600kcal, or
  • Choose a low carbohydrate main meal