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Why the Keto Diet is our New Favourite Weight Loss Method

Keto. Love it or hate it, we all know it’s a diet that genuinely does help with quick weight loss, but what really makes it our new go-to diet? 

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What is keto?

The name ‘keto’ comes from the process our bodies enter when we cut down on carbs and up our intake of protein. When we eat a diet that is low in carbs, our body enters a state known as ‘ketosis’ whereby the excess fats in your body are burned for energy. To induce ketosis, a maximum of 20-50g of carbohydrate can be consumed alongside 2000 calories daily (1). 

How does keto work?

Keto works because it means you’re taking in less energy than your body is using or burning- that’s what causes the body’s fat reserves to be burned up.  

Carbohydrates are a big energy source, so cutting them will mean you’ll rely on your body’s fat reserves instead.

Why we love keto…

Keto is a great way to lose weight without needing to cut back on your calorie intake. While it’s important to keep your calorie intake to a reasonable level, there’s definitely a lot more flexibility with the amount you can eat while still losing weight. But as long as you’re putting your body into ketosis, you’ll see great results (1). 

It’s not just this reason that we LOVE keto, it’s also great for increasing the healthy fats in your body. Since you’re concentrating your efforts on eating healthier fats, you’ll be a lot more health-conscious and, in turn, will give your body just what it needs! 

Many of our exante family suffer with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes which is why we’re such advocates for the keto diet. Eating keto can help to control blood sugar because the body doesn’t need to break down as many unrefined carbohydrates (1). Put simply, less carbs = more controlled blood sugar. 

What can you eat on a keto diet?

Keto diets are pretty flexible, so long as you’re sticking to lower than 20-50g of carbs per day. Some foods we’d recommend eating more of are:  

  • Meat: Steak, ham, chicken, sausage, bacon, and turkey. 
  •    Fatty fish: Trout, tuna, mackerel, salmon. 
  •    Eggs: Pastured and omega-3 whole eggs. 
  •    Butter and cream: Products of grass-fed animals, if possible. 
  •    Cheese: Unprocessed cheddar, cream, goat, blue or mozzarella. 
  •    Nuts and seeds: Almonds, flax seeds, walnuts, chia and pumpkin seeds. 
  •    Healthy oils: Mainly extra virgin olive oil, but coconut and avocado oil are ok, too. 
  •    Avocados: Whole avocado or fresh guacamole. 
  •    Low-carb veggies: Greens, tomatoes, peppers, onions. 
  •    Condiments: Salt, pepper, healthy herbs. 

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Does keto work?

No matter what you think about keto, it is a diet plan that works- but that doesn’t always make it easy. Keto diets do come with some challenges including bad breath, fatigue and even ‘keto flu’- a cold-like sensation which can leave you feeling tired and drained (1).  

But keto can be one of the most effective ways to cut the pounds and get back to feeling like yourself!

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Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

Writer and expert

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