Tell Your Friends About exante

Refer a friend and earn £10 per successful referral when your friend spends £25 on their first order plus your friend will get £5 off their next order!

How it Works

Step 1: Get Your Referral Link
Sign in to your exante account to see your unique referral link below.

Step 2: Tell Your Friends About exante
Share your exclusive referral links or code with friends and family. (Remember, they are only eligible if they haven’t shopped with us before and spend more than £25 on their first order.)

Step 3: Enjoy your £10 reward!
Once your friend has set up their account with your referral code or link and completed their first order (getting an extra £5 off) you’ll automatically get £10 credit applied to your account, which can be used against any purchase on our site!


Welcome to the Referral Scheme


Referral Scheme FAQs

Here’s how you can refer your friends to earn credit to spend on your next purchase:

  1. Head to your custom referral page here and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on any of the social media icons to share your unique code to your friends.
  3. Your friend should set up their account using your link or quoting your code, and once they have created their account they can proceed to checkout where they can get an extra £5 off their first order over £25! Once they have completed their first order we will send you an email to let you know that your £10 credit is in your account and ready to be spent.

*In order for the referrer to receive the £10 credit, their referee must have registered for their account using the referral code or link. Referral credit can be used in combination with other discount codes. If the referee does not use their referral code or link, the referrer unfortunately won't qualify for their £10 credit reward. 

How can I see how many friends I have referred and how much credit I have?

At the top of your account section we will display both the number of people you have referred and the amount of credit you have earned through the referral scheme. Additionally, you will be able to see the same information on your referral page.

How long does it take to receive my reward for a referral?

Rewards will be received within 24 hours after the dispatch date of your friend's order.

When will my awarded credit expire?

All awarded credit that you receive will expire after 12 months.

Will I receive any emails regarding the referral scheme?

When you are awarded credit, you will receive an email that will advise you how much credit you have earned.

Will I still get credit if my friend signs up using a different email address?

As long as your friend signs up for an account with either the referral link or your unique code, you’ll earn referral credit. The email address your friend uses to sign up with doesn’t need to be the same as the email address to which you sent the referral invitation. If your friend receives multiple referrals from multiple senders, only the sender of the referral link used when they create their account will earn credit.

Can my friend still take advantage of the referral scheme if they have shopped with Exante before?

The referral scheme is only for new customers. However, if they have an account but haven’t shopped with Exante yet then they will still be able to take advantage of the scheme by using your referral link.

Note: Credit will only apply to the region where your friend places their first order following the above steps. Credit is not transferable across regions.