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Celebrate our 11th birthday with the limited-edition exante Birthday range of meal replacements! These low-calorie meal replacements can be used as part of a VLCD, and the full exante birthday range includes our lightly-spiced Vegan Carrot Cake Shakes, colourfully-sprinkled Birthday Cake Shakes, and celebratory Birthday Bundles!

Enjoy these healthy, high-protein snacks today!

What’s in the exante Birthday Bundle?

The limited-edition birthday bundle contains our new Birthday Cake Shake and Vegan Carrot Cake Shake, as well as refreshing BURST stick packs, to get the party started!

The full Birthday Bundle contains:

  • 1 x NEW Limited Edition Birthday Cake Shake with added sprinkles
  • 1 x NEW Limited Edition Vegan Carrot Cake Shake with added sprinkles
  • 1 x Meal Replacement Birthday Cake Bar
  • 1 x Meal Replacement Carrot Cake Bar
  • 2 x BURST Tropical Stick Packs
  • 2 x BURST Mixed Berry Stick Packs
  • 2 x BURST Strawberry and Lime Stick Packs
  • 1 x Toffee Flavour Drops

Grab yours today whilst stocks last!

Why try the exante Birthday Cake Shake?

Our limited-edition Birthday Cake flavour shake with colourful sprinkles is a fun twist on our classic shakes. Not only are they packed with 27 vitamins and minerals, we've also added party sprinkles to celebrate our birthday in style! High in protein and fibre, the creamy and sweet Birthday Cake flavour shake is perfect for any celebration, or even just an extra special meal at home. Enjoy guilt-free as part of a VLCD diet.

Why try the exante Vegan Carrot Cake Shake?

Our new carrot cake, plant-based recipe has a rich and lightly spiced flavour, and is topped with party sprinkles! It contains 20g of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and is high in fibre. It can be enjoyed as part of a VLCD diet, and is also suitable for vegans and non-vegans alike. Why not give it a try today!