Approved Food List

For Total Solution Food Week

Every fourth week on Total Solution it is important to consume an additional 200kcal of low-carbohydrate, high-protein food. This is to promote ongoing weight loss throughout the future ‘normal’ weeks and to ensure you remain healthy during your diet.

During food week, You should aim to have no more than 10g of carbohydrates from your meal which should consist of a protein choice and vegetables from the food list below.
These should be prepared without the use of oil/fat (FryLight or similar is acceptable).

In addition to 200kcal of food from the list below you may also have up to 100ml of semi-skimmed milk.

For Man Plan / 800 Calorie Plan

Each day you should consume around 200kcal of food in additional to your 3 food packs or consume a 4th Exante food pack.

If you are choosing the food option then you should aim to have no more than 10g of carbohydrates from your meal which should consist of a protein choice
and vegetables from the food list below. These should be prepared without the use of oil/fat (FryLight or similar is acceptable).

In addition to 200kcal of food from the list below you may also have up to 100ml of semi-skimmed milk.

Exante Choco Balls 1/2 pack (17.5g) 79 5g per 17.5g serving
Protein Bites 1/2 pack (15g) 60 per 1/2 pack 4.1 per 1/2 pack
Cottage cheese* 100g 98 3.4g
Quorn pieces* 100g 86 4g
Tofu 100g 76 1.6g
Walnuts 30g 183 4.4g
2 eggs Per 2 medium eggs 150 1g per 2 eggs
Tuna (fresh or tinned) 100g 116 Trace
2 Kippers 100g 217 Trace
Any shellfish e.g. 12 mussels 150 Trace
Salmon 100g 208 Trace
Prawns 100g 105 Trace
Sea bass or other white fish 100g 125 0.5g
Lean chicken breast 100g 165 Trace
Lean turkey breast 100g 104 Trace
2 rasher (50g) lean Per 2 25g rashers 146 Trace per 2 rashers
Liver 100g 167 1g
Lean ground beef 100g 136 Trace
Lamb Mince 100g 215 Trace
Pork Chops 100g 231 Trace

*These food are slightly higher in carbs.

Alfalfa Sporouts 23 0.2
Asparagus 20 1.7
Aubergine 25 3.0
Avocado 160 2.0
Bamboo Shoots 27 2.8
Bean Sprouts 30 4
Brocoli 34 4.4
Cabbage (any type) 25 3.5
Cauliflower 25 3.0
Celery 16 1.4
Courgette 17 2.1
Cucumber 16 3.1
Fennel 31 3.9
Green Beans 31 4.3
Green Pepper 20 2.9
Lettuce 15 1.6
Kale 28 3.6
Marrow 11 1.1
Mushrooms 25 3.0
Olives (green or black) 146 0.4
Pak Choi 13 1.2
Radish 16 2.0
Rocket 25 2.0
Spinach 23 1.4
Spring Onions 32 4.4
Tomato 18 3.0
Turnip 22 3.0
Watercress 11 0.8

Available carbohydrate is the amount of total carbohydrate minus dietary fibre (fibre is not absorbed by the body).

In addition to vegetables you may consume Konjac noodles/pasta/rice e.g. Skinny pasta, zero noodles etc - max 200g per day.

The following may be added to food packs or to the above vegetables:

  • Vinegar - malt, cider, rice/red/white wine, balsamic
  • Fish sauce (Nam Pla)
  • Tabasco or hot pepper sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Soya sauce
  • Wasabi pasta
  • Mustard - course/wholegrain/Dijon/French/English/American
  • Any herbs and spices, fresh or dried
  • Garlic, ginger, chilli, fresh or dried

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