Try the best of exante with the updated Autumn Favourites Box

After a convenient selection of our best-selling products? The NEW Favourites Box includes the newest exante products, as well as an exclusive first taste of our all new low calorie snacking range; Snack Shots! Complete with 10 delicious meal replacement products and 3 multivitamin BURST sachets, you can be the first to try the Snack Shots, before they arrive on site officially.
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An Exclusive Taste you’ll Go Nuts For...

Yep, you heard us... Try our new low calorie Snack Shots, before anyone else! With all 3 flavours packed into the handy Autumn Favourites Box, which flavour will you be going ‘nuts’ for? Try the Sweet Chilli & Honey, Dark Chocolate & Cranberry, or Spicy Buffalo Style to curb your cravings, all for under 100kcal per portion...

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Ruby Chocolate Shake

Mix Up Meal Replacements with Ruby Choc

Meet your new go-to meal replacement, the Ruby Choc shake! A new shake with all the same tasty benefits, Ruby Choc is a bright pink taste sensation that's packed with protein, enriched with 27 vitamins & minerals and full of flavour!

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Autumn Challenge

Ready to smash your journey? Join the Autumn Challenge

And if the Favourites Box wasn’t enough to prepare you for your end-of-year goals, join exante’s Autumn challenge to help keep you on track. Download the challenge tracker from our social channels, and share your progress using the hashtag #exanteAutumnChallenge... we can’t wait to see what you can achieve.

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