Introducing the NEW exante Favourites Box...

We’ve carefully selected a range of 15 of our newest and favourite exante goodies for you to try, all in one place! With a wide range of our meal replacements and extras, this box really does give you the best of exante. And there’s something for everyone - unbox a wide variety of products to suit all’s not called the favourites box for nothing!
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NEW favourites box- what's inside?

So...what’s inside?

The Favourites box includes products from our core and plant-based range, as well as all four flavour sachets of JUICED – a world’s first juicy meal replacements shake! The box also contains that little bit extra...including Flavour Drops and our multivitamin energy drinks, BURST.

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Try all flavours of JUICED!

Try all flavours of JUICED!

Haven’t tried our clear whey juicy meal replacement shake yet? The Favourites Box comes with all four flavour sachets for you to try; Apple & Pear, Peach & Mango, Cranberry & Pomegranate and Grapefruit! Learn more about a World’s First juicy shake on our blog here...

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Including our NEW and improved Vegan Range

PLUS our new and improved Vegan Range

The Favourites Box also includes a selection of shakes from our new and improved Vegan range, along with the low sugar plant-based layered bars. The first Vegan bars to join the exante family, these fruity, soft and crispy layered bars are so good, you won’t believe they’re Vegan!

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