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Meal Replacement 6 Week Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Diet Pack

Meal Replacement 6 Week Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Diet Pack

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  • Description

    Our new 6-week breakfast, lunch & dinner diet pack is handy for all meal occasions. Offering the perfect blend of delicious dieting classics and new flavours all in one, it’s the easy way to start a diet and sample a wide variety of our diet-meal range including shakes, bars, meals, soups and desserts to help you lose weight.

    With delicious breakfast choices like Blueberry & Raspberry Pancakes and Breakfast Eggs; lunch choices like Thai Chicken Soup and Pasta, Ham and Mushroom Soup; and dinner choices like Pizza, Indian Curry, and Sweet & Sour Noodles, you’ll find it easy to forget that you’re actually on a diet!

    With many more exciting flavours including desserts like Gooey Chocolate Pudding this handy pack is an ideal way to get started on a VLCD diet, or to simply use as meal-replacements on a healthy diet as part of your weight-management goal.

    Contents of this Diet Meal Pack:

    • 6x Exante Diet Almond Vanilla Shake
    • 6x Exante Diet Hot Chocolate & Ginger Shake
    • 3x Exante Diet Cherries and Berries Shake
    • 3x Exante Diet Blueberry Smoothie
    • 6x Exante Diet Chocolate Orange Shake
    • 6x Exante Diet Red Thai Chicken Soup
    • 6x Exante Diet Tomato & Basil Soup
    • 6x Exante Diet Mushroom Soup
    • 6x Exante Diet Pasta, Ham and Mushroom Soup
    • 4x Exante Diet Maple Syrup Pancakes
    • 4x Exante Diet Blueberry & Raspberry Pancakes
    • 4x Exante Diet Breakfast Eggs
    • 4x Exante Diet Cheese and Bacon Flavour Breakfast Eggs
    • 10x Exante Diet Apple & Cinnamon Porridge
    • 4x Exante Diet Vanilla Cereal
    • 3x Deliciously Different Indian Dhal with Rice and Lentils
    • 4x Exante Diet Cheese and Bacon Savoury Scone
    • 7x Exante Diet Sausage Mix
    • 1x Exante Diet Pizza Mix (7 Per Box)
    • 6x Exante Diet Exante Diet Burger mix
    • 3x Exante Diet Spaghetti Bolognese
    • 3x Exante Diet Sweet and Sour Noodles
    • 3x Exante Diet Pasta Carbonara
    • 3x Exante Diet Gooey Salted Caramel Pudding
    • 3x Exante Diet Tiramisu Dessert
    • 3x Exante Diet Gooey Chocolate Pudding
    • 3x Exante Diet Shepherd’s Pie
    • 1x Exante Diet Shaker Bottle

    *The Deliciously Different Beef & Black Bean pot meal is not suitable for vegetarians.

    What is Exante Diet?

    Exante Diet is the UK’s number 1 meal-replacement diet. Exante Diet offers the largest online range of high-quality, affordable meal-replacement products which includes soups, shakes, bars and meals. Use our meal-replacement products as part of our flexible and easy-to-follow diet plans for quick weight-loss, or in conjunction with healthy everyday foods for weight management.

    How to use Exante Diet 6 Week Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Diet Pack?

    The Exante Diet 6 Week Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Diet Pack can be used as part of an Exante Diet plan for quick weight loss or as a meal replacement to complement a calorie-controlled diet. All Exante Diet soups, shakes, bars and meals are enriched with over 22 vitamins and minerals and are high in protein and fibre. Eating three Exante Diet products a day will provide you with 100% of your EU Recommended Intake (RI) for vitamins and minerals.

    Cooking Instructions

    See individual product for preparation instructions. Cooking instrucitons provide on product packaging.

    Who is Exante Diet suitable For?

    Exante Diet is incredibly flexible. Either choose an Exante Diet plan and follow as instructed, or use our products to complement your lifestyle and weight-management goals. Our products are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under the age of 18. Always seek medical advice before embarking on any weight-loss programme to determine you are medically eligible if you are on medication.

    Images are for illustration purposes only and bundles may contain different products from those shown.

    Contents of the bundle may be subject to change.

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27 Reviews

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Where reviews refer to foods or cosmetic products, results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and do not represent the views of The Hut Group.


When I ordered this I didn't think I would be getting spagbol and Curry and rice in sachet bags... but I thought it's ok let me make it and see how it goes. It ended up looking like baby food and tasted horrific. However the porridge, soups, pancakes, shakes and puddings taste beautiful. But just a warning, the ones you hope to have for dinner are extremely nasty.

Barely edible lunch and dinners

Start with the good the shakes are quite nice. Also the pancakes and oatmeal isn't too bad. The rest of the pack is quite vile through strange and strong salty flavour and bad texture. The cooking or preparation instructions could be a lot better giving different times for different power microwaves. As well as the size and shape of the bowl greatly affecting the way some things cook such as the gooey puddings. Think out of the 6 week plan I will be able to string together enough to do just over a week while the rest will be binned. Would be good to have a return for unwanted items.


Amazing service and excellent products. Some of the flavours will take a bit of getting used to but that's a small price to pay for amazing weight loss! I haven't found anything to be salty as some reviews have said and I didn't really eat salt before starting this diet anyway. Blueberry and raspberry pancakes are yummy and I find the Beanies coffes a great in between treat (I have six varieties to mix it up a bit!). If you're serious about loosing weight then I'd DEFINITELY recommend Exante.

Good taste

Most of the food is quite decent. I thought I would struggle with this diet but I'm managing to stay good and stick to it. I really do see results. When it's done correctly you can lose weight fast. The flavour of some things are not good at all. I personally didn't like the bacon and cheese scones, the eggs and the hamburgers, but on the other hand I loved the pancakes, cerial, porridge... I love the bolognese pasta as well. The chocolate pudding is the consistency of a cake and I really liked that too. It's not as bad as you think it is. I was scared of spending this much money on a diet that I wasn't sure I would manage to stick to, but I was only hungry for the last couple of days or so. You can totally survive. I have cheat days and I'm still losing weight. And I have fruits everyday with it as well. I can't tell I'm hungry during the day. You should try.

6 week pack review

The so called Pizza, sausages, carbonara and puddings are vile. They are amongst the worst things I have ever eaten so avoid them like the plague which is hard as they give you loads of sausages and 7 pizzaS. That said shakes, curry alternatives, cereal, porridge are all ok. In fact shakes are good. If you are expecting nice tasting food don't kid yourself however if like me you have over eaten for to long, man up go through the discomfort of not enjoying food temporarily they provide the daily minimum recommended vitamins and minerals which is great as you will need minerals to eat some of this stuff, good luck.

Week 1, 6lbs down!

I came across the Exante VLCD as I was looking for something to help me loose the last bit of weight before my wedding. My problem was time and portion control, I never seemed to be able to have enough time to do proper meals and when I did I tended to over indulge. With Exante you get a wide range of meals, shakes and soups and they're so quick to make! I chose the total 6 week plan which consists of 600kcals a day, within the first week I lost 6lbs! I've found that as well as exercising for around 30 minutes a day combined with the food the weight has dropped off. I've recommended Exante to alot of people and will carry on to do so as I really enjoy it. The only downside is that I don't enjoy all the meals (tomato & basil soup and the apple and cinnamon porridge) this is due to personal taste but my fiance enjoyed them so he ordered a few himself! Overall I would say if you're looking for portion controlled tasty food that does actually fill you up and help you loose weight at the same time definately try Exante!

So far so good....

I'm 12 days in & I've lost @ 10lbs so far. I thought it was going to be really difficult but so far so good. All the products are really tasty & after a couple of days you just stop wanting more food than you're having. You'll need access to a microwave but there's plenty of choice of things to have cold if that's awkward sometimes. No complaints so far - looking forward to seeing how it all pans out...

Very Happy so far!

On day 6 and already down 5lbs! Great variety. Felt hungry at the start but not hungry at all now the last two days. Only downside I didn't like the gooey salted Choc pudding or the almond vanilla shake, buts that's personal taste. The sausages and shepherds pie were yummy. The strawberry and banana shake is really nice. It's great to have a quick and easy choice for meals and see results fast! I would reccommend to a friend.

Mixed feelings

I have been on the diet 1 week and lost 7lbs which is great, I ordered the 6 week meal plan. The pancakes and puddings are fine. The main meals sadly are barely eatable, I have managed about half of each meal before gagging but haven't felt hungry. The spag Bol is the only one I ate all of, Ham and mushroom pasta, gloopy and sickly Carbonara, tasteless and sickly Veg soup gloopy and peas nearly broke my teeth Black bean and noodles awful taste and just swallowed quickly Breakfast eggs I couldn't eat, flavourless rubber Sweet and sour by far the worst and couldn't even eat the second spoonful it was so horrific Still a few to try but honestly it fills me with dread. It's a shame because it clearly works and I'm not hungry but the main meals flavour is so difficult to stomach I'm sure most will end up in the bin. I'm trying to persevere as I'm desperate to lose weight but each evening meal is a awful experience. So please exante sort out the flavours because if you do this would be the best diet on the market

Cuts fat and build mass.

Hello there! My name is Maciej. I wont using good diet,becouse I wont good file and helthse provaid My Leave and have good muscles.

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Meal Replacement Sale! Save 45% on our range!* Use Code MAY45

Save 45% on our meal replacement range! Use on individuals, boxes of 7 and boxes of 50!* Plus spend £60+ and receive Free Next Day Delivery*
*excludes Diet Packs.
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