Exante Closed Facebook Group

Discover our private online community where our members share advice, stories and inspiration.

"I love this group, so nice to know if you’re having a tough day there's always someone willing to give you a boost!”
– Kim, Exante Closed Group Member

Closed Facebook Group

What is the Exante Closed Facebook Group?

The Exante Facebook Group is an online closed community in which members share advice, stories and inspiration with other members that are also following an Exante diet plan.

The group has over 27000 members, all at different stages of their Exante journey. Some have just tried their first Exante shake, while others have successfully reached their weight loss goals and now use Exante to help them maintain their current weight.

“With Exante, you get this amazing group who provide support, motivation, inspiration and knowledge. We're a family in it together learning from each other. You don't find this anywhere else.”
– Faye, Exante Closed Group Member

The group is monitored by a dedicated customer service team, who can provide answers to your diet-related questions and work to ensure that the group continues to be a supportive community.

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What are the benefits of joining the Closed Group?

This online group provides an invaluable support network for anyone on Exante. Having a strong social support network, such as the Exante closed group, can really help you to lose weight, as others within the group can help keep you motivated and give you advice based on personal experiences that could help you stick to your diet!

“This page has helped me and kept me strong - we're all in the same boat and want to help each other”
– Jennie, Exante Closed Group Member

We also make sure that group members are the first to know about competitions, discounts, offers and new product launches. With exclusive giveaways and sneak previews into what is coming soon, being a member of the Exante closed group provides you with countless exclusive benefits.

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