Water Enhancers

Staying hydrated is essential for any diet or weight loss plan, so here at Exante we have made staying topped-up easier and more delicious than ever! Our flavoured water enhancers are perfect for carrying with you on-the-go. A quick squeeze of one of our handy water enhancers transforms keeping hydrated from feeling like a chore, into a tasty treat!

How can you enjoy our water enhancers?

Staying hydrated has never been easier. Simply dilute 2.5ml (one squeeze) of concentrate into 250ml of cold water and enjoy! And with 3 different flavours to choose from, you can try something new every day!
With just the 3 calories per 2.5ml serving, these water enhancers will not sabotage your training or daily nutrition, unlike high-sugary alternatives. Incorporate them into your Total Solution plan, Flexi plan or lifestyle diet today!

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