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Founded in 2007, exante is the UK’s largest online meal replacement company. We offer a safe, effective and convenient way to lose weight through replacing meals with our calorie controlled shakes, bars, ready meals and soups.

Why work with exante?

• Simple, convenient and affordable to use.
• We're predicted to achieve +30% YoY growth in 2021.
• Over 70 meal replacement products to choose from.
• It's effective - as evidenced by our 560,000 average monthly site sessions and loyal customer base.
• All exante meal replacements contain 27 vitamins and minerals.
• Variety of flexible diet plans.


We are constantly developing new products allowing us to become innovators in the diet industry. We have featured in ITV's 2-part documentary, The Fast Fix.
All exante products range between 200 and 250 calories containing 27 vitamins and minerals with over 70 meals replacements to choose from. We're always responding to consumer needs, developing new, exciting products such as our juicy new BURST multivitamin energy drink range.

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