Alicia Stoddart

Start Clothing Size: 20

Current Clothing Size: 16/18

Goal Clothing Size: 12/14

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Q1: How many times have you purchased from Exante in the past 12 months? 

A: 5+ times.

Q2: Did you follow a plan?

A: Mainly Exante 800. 

Q3: What are your top 3 Exante products?

A: 1. Chocolate shake, 2. Banana shake, 3. Chocolate caramel crunch bar. 

Q4: What is your main motivation for losing weight? 

A: My children and my happiness. 

Q5: How did Exante fit into your lifestyle? 

A: Perfectly. I love being able to just grab two shakes in the morning for work and then one when I get home. The fact you add water makes it so easy to make them up on the go!

Q6: When did you first notice a difference?

A: After the 2nd week. 

Q7: How has your life changed since losing weight? Tell us your story. 

A: Even after 6 weeks there is a huge difference in my energy and fitness. I am now cable of walking up the steepest hill in the park with the kids faster than them :) Massive achievement considering I nearly died the first time ha. Talking the dog out for a walk and the kids to the park is now a joy not a chore!! It's so motivating when people notice the difference. I have finally got more confidence letting people take pictures of me as for the first time in a long time -my face is slim :) 

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