Amy Woods

Start Weight: 22st 10lbs

End Weight: 11st 1lbs

Weight-loss: 11st 9lb*

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Read about how Amy managed to lose 73kg!

Q: What was your motivation for losing weight? 

A: With my weight I have had ups and downs almost all my life. In January I decided it was time to focus on myself and my goal, to lose weight. As a mother I realized that I needed to lose weight, not only for myself, but also for my children. I have 3 wonderful children who need a healthy mother who can run and play with them. 

Q: When did you start to notice a change? 

A: At first I started to notice small changes, like climbing stairs or keeping my daughter in my arms without getting tired. Most of the people I know don't believe how much weight I've lost and how much I've improved my life!

Q: How did you put Exante in your daily routine? 

A: As a mother of 3 children I don't have much free time, I drank 3 smoothies a day and this helped me to easily control my calories.

Q: How has your life changed since you lost weight? Tell us your story 

A: I started in January that I was 144 kg and I wanted to leave my diet a long time ago, but I didn't. I believe my determination was the key to my success. I had problems integrating daily physical activity into my lifestyle, like walking. But those days are far away! Now I swim 5 times a week and to recharge my energy I take a lot of protein. I'm also training to become a lifeguard later on as soon as I improve my fitness even more. 

Q: What is your next goal? 

A: Keep improving to become a lifeguard. 

Q: What did you learn during your Exante journey? 

A: Exante taught me that I can control the food I eat and it's not the food that controls me. I've learned to differentiate when I'm actually hungry and when I eat out of boredom. If there are other people thinking about starting a journey with Exante, I would just like to say that it's worth it! Be strong and don't give up!