Q: What made you choose Exante Diet?
A: Searched for a diet online, and Exante Diet came up, thought for the price, that I would give it a go. Ordered 6 weeks’ worth, and not looked back.

Q: What Exante Diet plan were you on?
A: Total Solution

Q: What were your favourite Exante Diet products?
A: Shepherd’s Pie and Banana Shake.

Q: What did you learn on the plan?
A: I now have more portion control, eat more healthily, and know that I need to have a balanced diet.

Q: How did your plan fit into your lifestyle?
A: I work in an office so I had a shake for breakfast when I got to work, and a bar at lunch time, and then one of the cooked meals in the evening. Worked really well, drank plenty of water and black coffee during the day at work.

Q: What kept you motivated?
A: I wanted to better myself, never felt comfortable going out in public, always felt awkward, now a lot more confident and less self-conscious about my looks.

Q: When did you first notice a difference?
A: Took a couple of months, lost a stone in the first week, and then lost a steady 5/6 lbs a week, only noticed when people complimented or said something to me. The support on the facebook group was amazing, that really helped boost my confidence, showing before and after photos and my weight logs.

Q: How has your life changed since losing weight?
A: I am feeling so much confident about the future, running a company I can now fully see a future for me. Feel as though I have increased my life expectancy a lot, and am looking forward to future challenges.

Q: What is your next goal?
A: Get down to 13 stone ideally, not in any rush to do this.

Q: Would / have you recommended Exante Diet to a friend?
A: I have recommended the diet to friends and family, my dad, stepmother, sister, brother and sister in law

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