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Frankie Essex

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We are excited to announce that Frankie Essex from The Only Way Is Essex is the new face of Exante Diet.

Frankie Essex said: “My confidence has never felt so low. Since I have left TOWIE, I felt like I couldn't go out and do what I wanted to do. I am so excited to start the Exante Diet and get back to feeling like the old Frankie”.

Tired of being bullied by the media with a desire to regain her confidence, Frankie hopes that by following the Exante Total Plus diet plan she will be able to get back into her old body and achieve a beach body in time for her holiday. Frankie has said ‘‘I need to become the old me, not just how I looked but also how I felt’’.

Although in the media, Frankie is a normal person who suffers from the same self-esteem and personal confidence issues as all of us. Frankie started the diet on the 12th March 2014 and will continue with her Exante journey right through to 5th June 2014.

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