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Jeanette Latham

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

Start weight December 2012: 15 stone 5 pounds
Current weight end of March 2013: 10 stone 10 pounds
Lost over 40 inches in total.

Over the past 20 years ,I have been yo-yo dieting and trying every diet on the market just hoping that it would work. I've tried the cabbage soup diet, the tomato juice diet and even Lighter Life. Nothing worked for me. I couldn't stick with it.

I had resigned myself to being fat and having no social life. Clothes shopping was easy: just look for the biggest baggiest tops that hide as much as possible; most I did not even like but bought as they did the job.

I had many excuses for being fat: I was almost 50 and in a relationship that had no love or affection, so food was my best friend.

A year ago I lost my brother which made me reevaluate my life. I left the relationship and moved to a new town. Unfortunately, my eating went from bad to worse as no one was there to see what I was eating. Life was passing me by, I always had an excuse for not attending work parties, family holidays or anything that involved getting dressed up. I convinced everyone this was me and I liked staying in, while deep down there the party girl was hiding under all of this fat.

In January this year I was having a chat with my daughter and son-in-law and he mentioned a diet company that he has heard of. I went away, did all the research and asked my best friend Zoe if she would like to do it with me so that we could support each other. In the past, Zoe and I have trialed diets together and, well, we failed together too.

So I decided to order from Exante and follow their Total Solution, VLCD (very low calorie diet) plan. I couldn't believe it when it arrived the next day! It was so exciting - after reading all the stories of how other people had lost so much weight doing the diet, I was going to be fit and 50 not fat and fifty!

We had photos done the day we started: I knew I was fat but standing there in black leggings and top I was not prepared for what I saw! In front of me stood the photo of an old lady that looked more like an egg on legs; in front of me I saw someone I didn't know. We both started a diary which helped so much.

I did miss food for the first few days and felt tired, but as soon as I went into ketosis the energy levels were amazing and the hunger was no longer there. I have a bar for breakfast with green tea, a shake for lunch and soup for dinner. Within the first week I was down 12lb - I could not believe it! Seeing such large results spurred me on, I wanted more. By week five I was 2 stone down. At this point I was not bothered by people around me eating. Being slim was far more attractive than food ever was.

Before I knew it I was in the shops buying size 12 clothes and buzzing with life, I have joined the gym too. The only down side is that I can't stop buying clothes! I love getting up in the morning and choosing what to wear. My confidence levels are through the ceiling, I love the compliments from everyone. I now love looking in the mirror.

If someone had told me that in less than 3 months I would be a size 12 and as happy as I am I would never have believed them, but believe me: I did it so anyone can do it; you just have to want it enough.

This year is my year and thanks to Exante I'm alive again. Who knows, I may even be ready to meet someone special to share my new life with?

Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

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